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Awesome Ocean Science (Williamson Kids Can! Series) by Cindy A. Littlefield. (2006 - Ages 9-12)
Offers children a hands-on introduction to the mysteries of the watery world. Six sections investigate general oceanic principles, waves and currents, shorelines and tide pools, the ocean floor, marine life, and ocean conservation. Each chapter is divided into mini-lessons that feature a variety of activities.

Come to the Ocean's Edge: A Natural Cycle Book by Laurence P. Pringle. (2003 - Ages 4-8)
In this nonfiction picture book, Pringle takes readers to the beach for a day, a night, and the dawn of another day. Though children are mentioned and can occasionally be seen walking, wading, and searching for treasures swept up on the shore, the main focus of both text and artwork is the ocean's edge--a beautiful, mysterious place and a habitat for creatures such as birds, fish, and crustaceans.

Down, Down, Down: A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea by Steve Jenkins. (2009-Ages 4-8)
A top-to-bottom look at the ocean, from birds and waves to thermal vents and ooze. Half the earth's surface is covered by water more than a mile deep, but most of this watery world is a mystery to us. Come along as we travel down, down, down, from the surface to the bottom of the sea. Along the way you can see jellyfish that flash like a neon sign, creatures with teeth so big, they can't close their mouths, and even a squid as long as a bus.

Draw Ocean Animals by D.C. Duosque. (2000 - Ages 9-12)
The fascinating worlds of the ocean and the rainforest come to life with pencil and paper. These two books give 8-14 year-olds a valuable learning resource with easy, step by step instructions. Accurate, quality drawings and clearly written instructions help students develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills as they learn about the ocean and the rainforest.

Harold and the Purple Crayon: Under the Sea (Festival Readers) by Liza Baker. (2003 - Ages 4-8)
It is a hot night and Harold cannot sleep, so he grabs his purple crayon and draws a swimming hole. With his dog, Lilac, by his side, Harold finds more than just a way to cool down -- he meets fish of every shape and size, and even discovers some pirate treasure!

Inside the Titanic (A Giant Cutaway Book) by Hugh Brewster. (1997 - Ages 4-8)
Allows young readers to journey inside the Titanic to view the layout of the great doomed ocean liner, such as the compartments, engine room, upper decks, and more, through detailed, cutaway illustrations."

Magic School Bus (The) on the Ocean Floor by Joanna Cole. (1994 - Ages 4-8)
On another special field trip on the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle's class learns about the ocean and the different creatures that live there.

Ocean (American Museum of Natural History) by Robert Dinwiddie. (2008 - Ages 4-8)
Breathtaking, powerful, and all-encompassing in its sheer scope and visual impact, Ocean sweeps you away on an incredible journey into the depths of our astonishing marine world. As the site where life first formed on Earth, a key element of the climate, and a fragile resource, oceans are of vital importance to our planet. This definitive visual guide to the world's oceans.

Ocean (DK Eyewitness Books) by Miranda MacQuitty. (2008 - Ages 9-12)
The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures. DK's classic look at the world's oceans, now reissued with a CD and wall chart.

Shannon The Ocean Fairy (Rainbow Magic) by Daisy Meadows. (2003 - Ages 9-12)
It’s an ocean commotion! What’s a fairy to do? Jack Frost has stolen three enchanted pearls that control the magic of the oceans. Without them, the tides are all wrong, the sea creatures are confused, and even daytime and nighttime have gotten mixed up! When Shannon the Ocean Fairy asks Rachel and Kirsty for help, they set off on a magical adventure to an underwater world. But will they find the pearls in time . . . or will the girls be lost at sea?

Sounds of the Wild: Ocean (Pledger Sounds) by Maurice Pledger. (2008 - Ages 4-8)
This gorgeously illustrated pop-up book takes readers deep beneath the water’s surface where they are greeted with a symphony of new sounds. This aquatic adventure features a humpback whale that communicates with noisy roars and sighs and whose “songs” carry for hundreds of miles underwater. Children also discover the playful chattering of dolphins, the boisterous honking of seals, and much more.

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Additional reading list:

882 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Questions About The Titanic by Hugh Brewster. (1999 - Ages 9-12)
About the Ocean (We Both Read) by Sindy McKay. (2001 - Ages 4-8)
All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper. (2006 - Ages 9-12)
Book of Oceans (Diadem Series) by John Peel. (2005 - Ages 9-12)
Caught by the Sea: My Life on Boats by Gary Paulsen. (2003 - Ages 9-12)
Discover the Oceans: The World's Largest Ecosystem by Lauri Berkenkamp. (2009 - Ages 9-12)
Eye Wonder: Ocean by Samantha Gray. (2001 - Ages 4-8)
Explore the Ocean (Explore the Biomes series) by Kay Jackson. (2007 - Ages 9-12)
Four Oceans (The) (Rookie Read-About Geography) by Wil Mara. (2005 - Ages 4-8)
I Wonder Why the Sea is Salty: and Other Questions About the Oceans by Anita Ganeri. (2003 - Ages 4-8)
I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry. (2007 - Ages 4-8)
Into the Abyss (Tom Swift Young Inventor) by Victor Appleton. (2006 - Ages 9-12)
Ocean Life From A to Z Book and DVD by Cynthia Stierly. (2007 - Ages 4-8)
Ocean, Tidal, and Wave Energy: Power from the Sea (Energy Revolution) by L. Peppas. (2008-Ages 9-12)
Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes. (2005 - Ages 9-12)
Our World of Water by Beatrice Hollyer. (2009 - Ages 4-8)
Pacific Ocean (The) (Oceans) by Anne Yivisaker. (2003 - Ages 9-12)
Puzzle Ocean (Usborne Young Puzzle Books) by Susannah Leigh. (2003 - Ages 4-8)
Revenge of the Whale (The): The True Story of the Whaleship Essex by N. Philbrick. (2004 - Ages 9-12)
Seas & Oceans Sticker Atlas (Sticker Atlases) by Phillip Clarke. (2006 - Ages 9-12)
Somewhere in the Ocean by Jennifer Ward. (2000 - Ages 4-8)
Swim Through the Sea (A) by Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini. (1994 - Ages 4-8)
Under the Sea: Internet Referenced (Beginners Nature - Level 1) by Fiona Patchett. (2006 - Ages 4-8)
Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean by Justin Somper. (2007 - Ages 9-12)
Water by Frank Asch. (2000 - Ages 4-8)

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Online links are in blue and underlined. Click on them to get more stories/information.
Story titles are in quotation marks.
Alphabetized with short excerpts included for your convenience and to save you research time.
Please tell us about broken or missing links, additions or corrections: jackie@storyloversworld.com.


1) "Birth of Star Sand (The)" — Okinawa
2) "Jeweled Sea (The)" — China
3) "Kama Pua'a—The Pig Child" — Maui, Hawai'i
4) "Ocean-Born Mary" — New England
5) "Paradise in the Sea" — Jewish
6) "Poisonous Limu (The)" — Maui,Hawai'i
7) "Rahu and Ketu" — India
8) "Supparaka" — Tibet
9) "Why the Sea is Salty" — Philippines
10) "Why the Sea Moans" — Brazil

1) "Birth of Star Sand (The)" — a folktale from Okinawa. Posted by okinawa.com.

A long time ago, among the twelve signs of the zodiac were the Polar Star and the Southern Cross, who decided to bring life to earth. When Southern Cross was ready to give birth, she asked the almighty God where she could go to have her babies. God looked around the earth and found a small island called Taketomi-jima lying on a beautiful coral sea to the south.

God said to Southern Cross, "Go to the south side of Taketomi-jima, where the current is warm and slow."

Southern Cross came down to the island as instructed and gave birth many times in the ocean. However, the Seven-Dragon God of the sea got angry because Southern Cross did not ask his permission. The Seven-Dragon God called on one of his servants, a giant serpent.

"I can't allow anyone to bear babies in my ocean without my permission. Go and clean all those babies out right now."

The giant serpent promptly swallowed all the star babies with its huge mouth, killing them. Then he spit out the bodies. The dead star babies floated on the ocean...

The rest of the story is at:

2) "Jeweled Sea (The)" — a folktale from China. Posted by newton.k12.ma.us.

Long, long ago, a little Chinese boy named Kwang-Su lived in the city of Yo-chan with his father and mother, who loved him very much. Now, Chinese mothers and fathers will take every care to protect their children from the power of evil Genii, or spirits. There were a great many evil Genii in China at that time, and little Kwang-Su's mother was very careful to protect him as best she could...

...The inside of the house was fragrant with the scent of herbs, which were strewn all over the floor, and on a wooden stool in the middle of the room lay a broken pestle and mortar.

"On this stool," said the old woman, "I pound magic drugs given to me by the Genii, but my pestle and mortar is broken. I want a new one."

"I will buy you one in Yun-nan," replied Kwang-Su.

"That will not do at all, for it is a pestle and mortar of jade, and you can only get one like it by going to the home of the Genii which is on a mountain above the Jeweled Sea. If you will do that, and bring it back to me, you shall marry Ling-Ling," said the mother.

"I will do it," said Kwang-Su, "but I must see my parents first."...

The rest of the story is at:

3) "Kama Pua'a — the Pig Child" — a folktale from Maui, Hawai'i. From Myths and Folklores, posted by mauigateway.com.

A long time ago on the Island of Oahu, lived a powerful king whose son was named Kama Pua'a. This child was difficult, to say the least. He was always chasing away his father's livestock and tearing up the royal taro patches. His father swore that if he ever caught him, he would kill him. To save himself, Kama Pua'a fled Oahu and moved to Maui and married Madame Pele, the fiery goddess. They were in love and soon had a son.

A sad event occurred; the son died. Madame Pele, as fiery as she was, went into a rage and started chasing Kama Pua'a. To escape, he started running down the slopes of Haleakala, towards the sea. When he did this, he turned into a ...

The rest of the story is at:

4) "Ocean-Born Mary"
— a classic tale of haunted New England. From Ghosts of the Prairie: History & Hauntings of America.

The year was 1720 and the place was Londonderry, Ireland. A small sailing vessel called “Wolf” departed from the port, bound for the New World. Here, weary passengers and immigrants would have the chance to reunite with relatives from another Londonderry, this one in New Hampshire. But fate was not kind to these travelers, for as they neared the coast of New England, the ship was overtaken by a band of Spanish pirates. They scrambled aboard the crippled vessel, seized jewelry and valuables and then, at the command of their captain, a buccaneer named Don Pedro, they prepared to murder everyone on board.

Just as the pirates raised cutlass and pistol, Don Pedro ordered his men to stand down. Beyond the terrified screams of the passengers, he heard another sound... the unmistakable wail of a...

The rest of the story is at:

5) "Paradise in the Sea (The)" — a Jewish fairy tale from Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends (Myths, Legend and Folk Tales from Around the World) by Aunt Naomi (pseud. Gertrude Landa) (1919), posted by sacred-texts.com.

Hiram, king of Tyre, was a foolish old man. He lived so long and grew to such a venerable age that he absurdly imagined he would never die. The idea gained strength daily in his mind and thus he mused:

"David, king of the Jews, I knew, and afterward his son, the wise King Solomon. But wise as he was, Solomon had to appeal to me for assistance in building his wondrous Temple, and it was only with the aid of the skilled workmen I sent to him that he successfully accomplished the erection of that structure. David, the sweet singer in Israel, who, as a mere boy slew the giant Goliath, has passed away. I still live. It must be that I shall never die. Men die. Gods live for ever. I must be a god, and why not?"...

...Hiram set about his ingenious plan at once. He sent trusted envoys far and wide for skilled divers. Only those who did not know the language of the country were selected. Hiram himself gave them their orders and they worked only at night, so that none should see or know of their work. Their task was to fasten four huge pillars to the bottom of the sea. Their work completed, the divers were well paid and sent away.

Next, a different gang of workmen was brought from a strange land. They constructed a platform on the pillars in the sea. Then a third lot of artisans began to erect a wonderful edifice on the platform. They, too, only worked at night, but the building could no longer be concealed...

The rest of the story is at:

6) "Poisonous Limu (The)" — a folktale from Maui, Hawai'i. From Myths and Folklores, posted by mauigateway.com.

A long time ago, children liked to swim and surf at a bay at the northern end of Haleakala. In order to reach the bay, they had to pass the house of Nanaue, a strange man who always wore a mysterious cloak on his shoulders, lived by himself and had a sinister expression on his face...

...The man pointed into the lava tube. It was dark and opened out to the ocean, but no one was there. They waited in the dark. Soon they saw a large wave bringing a figure up into the tube. It had a humpback shape, and as it got close, they saw that it was Nanaue. Protuding from his back, without the cape he always wore, was the jaws of a shark.

Now they knew his secret. Nanaue was a shark man. On land, he was a man, but as soon as he was in the water, he became a shark...

The rest of the story is at:

7) "Rahu and Ketu" — a folktale from India. Posted by Encyclopedia Mythica.

Long ago there was a great war between the Asuras (demons) and Devatas (gods). The Devatas were routed in the war and they went to Lord Brahma to seek his help. Brahma told them to churn the ocean.

As a result they would be able to obtain Amrit (nectar) which would make them immortal and all powerful and after consuming it they would be able to defeat the Asuras. Churning the ocean was a very big job and so the Devatas sought the help of the Asuras. The king of the serpents Vasuki was to become the rope, while a hill named Mandrachal offered to become the pivot. Lord Vishnu, in the form of a tortoise, became the base and the churning process began...

The rest of the story is at:

8) "Supparaka" — a folktale from Tibet. Posted by crosby-lundin.com.

Once, in the great seaport of Bhurukaccha some merchants were making their ship ready for a long voyage. At the same time a famous wise man was visiting the port. Although he was blind, he was by far the most renowned wise man in the whole of the kingdom, known for his great insight and compassion. When the merchants learned that such a great person was in their midst, they immediately sent for him and implored him to join them on their voyage.

"It will indeed be auspicious," said one of the merchants. "He has served the king," said another, "and predicted many things; we must ask him to be our captain!" So eventualy the wise man agreed to go with the merchants on their voyage, and the merchants named him Supparaka, meaning captain...

...What the merchants did not know was that the ocean was full of diamonds. Supparaka, in his great wisdom, knew this. He also knew that if he told the merchants there would be fighting among them, for greed did strange things to even the most peaceful people. So, pretending to cast for fish, Supparaka caught instead hordes of diamonds and concealed them on the ship...

The rest of the story is at:

9) "Why the Sea is Salty" — a folktale from the Philippines. Posted by webmanila.com. (Many other versions of this folktale are available online.)

Many years ago, the sea tasted like ordinary rainwater. It was bland and tasteless. Fortunately, the people living in the islands knew about a friendly giant who kept mounds of salt in his cave.

The people would cross the ocean on their boats to reach the gentle giant's island, and that is how they were able to bring salt back to their villages, in order to prepare tastier meals.

One time, however, the ocean was quite rough and they could not sail out to gather salt. They eventually ran out of salt and the villagers no longer enjoyed their tasteless meals. They wondered how they could get salt again, when a child suggested they ask the giant to stretch out his legs over the ocean so that they could walk to his island instead...

The rest of the story is at:

10) "Why the Sea Moans" — a fairy tale from Brazil. Posted by fairytalesandfolklore.com.

Once upon a time there was a little princess who lived in a magnificent royal palace. All around the palace there was a beautiful garden full of lovely flowers and rare shrubs and trees. The part of the garden which the princess liked most of all was a corner of it which ran down to the sea. She was a very lonely little princess and she loved to sit and watch the changing beauty of the sea. The name of the little princess was Dionysia and it often seemed to her that the sea said, as it rushed against the shore, "Di-o-ny-si-a, Di-o-ny-si-a."

One day when the little princess was sitting all alone by the sea she said to herself, "O! I am so lonely. I do so wish that I had somebody to play with. When I ride out in the royal chariot I see little girls who have other little boys and girls to play with them. Because I am the royal princess I never have anybody to play with me. If I have to be the royal princess and not play with other children I do think I might have some sort of live thing to play with me."

Then a most remarkable thing happened. The sea said very slowly and distinctly and over and over again so there couldn't be any mistake about it, "Di-o-ny-si-a, Di-o-ny-si-a."

The little princess walked up close to the sea, just as close as she dared to go without danger of getting her royal shoes and stockings wet. Straight out of the biggest wave of all there came a sea serpent to meet her. She knew that it was a sea serpent from the pictures in her royal story books even though she had never seen a sea serpent before, but somehow this sea serpent looked different than the pictures. Instead of being a fierce monster it looked kind and gentle and good. She held out her arms to it right away.

"Come play with me," said Dionysia...

The rest of the story is at:

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Online links and book titles are in blue and underlined. Click on them to get more stories/information.
Story titles are in quotation marks.
Short descriptions included for your convenience and to save you research time.
Please tell us about broken or missing links, additions or corrections: jackie@storyloversworld.com.

Definitions and many explanatory links, including the world's largest oceans and seas and the largest lakes. From infoplease.com.

The Ocean. Explains: The Immense Ocean, Oceans Alive and Gimme Energy. Describes the "difference" between the world's oceans and seas. From Discovery Education.

"Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. The whole book is available online, chapter by chapter. Posted by princeton.edu.

List of famous pirates: Anny Bonny, Bartholomew Roberts, Blackbeard, Mary Read, and many more. Includes complete background and biographical information. Excellent resource.

The Bastion of Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends. Excellent resource about New England Sea History. Includes extensive information on Maritime History, The Age of Exploration, Shipwrecks, Whales and Whaling, Pirates and Other Scoundrels, and Lights and Lighthouses.

King's Strange Navy and Sea Tales, and Nautical Terms, compiled by AZC(AW/NAC) Kimberly King, U.S. Navy. Includes a collection of strange things of the sea and a listing of nautical terms: Largest Navy Ship to Disappear; Skeleton Crew; The Derelict; Oar Fish: Real Sea Monster Fish; A Strange Annal of the Sea; Fascinating John Paul Jones, Father of the U.S. Navy, and much more.

"The Great New England Sea Serpent" by J.P. O'Neill, © 1999. He quotes from a 1641 document about the first reported sighting of a sea serpent in North American waters and then tells of later events. A fascinating story.

Ocean Life Web List from American Museum of Natural History, Milstein Hall of Ocean Life Educator's Guide: Reference List. Extensive list of excellent resources about ocean life.

All About Oceans and Seas from Enchanted Learning. Includes Earth's Oceans: An Introduction; Web Links About Ocean Life, Oceans and Water on Earth; The Water Cycle; Undersea Explorers; Coral Reefs; What Causes Waves?; What Causes Tides?; Why is the Ocean Blue?; Why is the Ocean Salty?; Hurricanes; Tsunamis; and much more. Includes lesson plans. By subscription - $20 yr.

In-depth information about all the oceans and seas in the world, including area, depth, specific location. Excellent information. Posted by infoplease.com.

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Online links are in blue and underlined. Click on them to get more information.
Short descriptions included for your convenience and to save you research time.
Please tell us about broken or missing links, additions or corrections: jackie@storyloversworld.com.

Classroom Resources from Discovery Education. Excellent Lesson Plans for K-12. Also includes "Planet Ocean," which has segments on The Ocen, Blue Whale, Barracuda, Tubeworm, and Marine Megastars. This sit is definitely worth exploring.

Ocean Book (The): Aquarium and Seaside Activities and Ideas for All Ages
Entertaining and educational activities focusing on the ocean and its creatures… This activity book on the world of the oceans and the living things that inhabit them is filled with experiments, investigations, puzzles, games, and all sorts of fun things to do and learn. The activities were created and contributed by the leading aquatic centers in the United States, including the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, Sea World in Ohio, and many others. The activities are designed to teach by doing, and each one has a high entertainment value. Just a few of the topics covered in The Ocean Book include: Whales Seals Sharks Tides Camouflage Fish Sea Turtles Coral Reefs The Ocean Floor Sealab All the activities are ideal for grades K-6, but older children and adults may just learn a thing or two as well.

Oceans and Seas: Activities and Information from Enchanted Learning.
• Ocean and Sea Rhymes (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; One, Two, Three, Four, Five; She Sells Sea Shells; and Tommy Tittlemouse).
• Ocean and Sea Crafts (Paper Plate Fish; Glue Starfish Craft/Necklace; Ocean Diorama; Whale Mobile; Origami Whale; Simple Sailboat; Papier-Mache Octopus; Scary Pop-Up Card; Columbus' Voyage: Map and Ships; Cup O' Fish and Hanging Japanese Fish).
• Ocean Information and Printable Calendar.
• Printable Ocean-Related Activities, Drawing Worksheets.
• Writing Quizzes and Worksheets.
• Ocean Words in Various Languages.

Dozens more activities for the classroom. Excellent site filled with worthwhile activities.

Oceans: Activity Ideas from PBS Teachers. Includes "If I Were an Ocean," "Ocean Adaptation Wheels," "Weird Sea Creatures," Buoyancy," "Oil Spills," "Crossing the Ocean in America," "Making a Living at Sea," "Frightening Forecasts," "Water, Water Everywhere," "Caribbean Literature," and more. Grades K-12. Excellent activities.

Activities and Curriculum. Extensive list of classroom activities for Grades K-12. Dozens of lesson plans and activities. Excellent site.

"Fairy Tales of the Sea and a Guide for Teachers" (1981), compiled by Elizabeth Cowan. Abstract: Presented are 25 fairy tales from around the world that are related to the sea. Included in the teacher's guide are activities designed to serve as a catalyst to stimulate varied classroom uses for the tales. The curriculum outline provided follows the English Language Arts Curriculum Framework suggested by the Texas Education Agency and covers speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Among the recommended activities are listening to confirm predictions, playing a story, understanding literal and figurative language, and creating written interviews with story characters. Fairy tales include:
• Latin-American: The Girl Fish; The Serpents.
• Eskimo: The Nenets Tale; The Story of Nuliajuk, Mother of the Sea...; The Sea Lion Hunt; The House of the Sea Lions; The Polar Bear; The Lake Monster; The Young Man Helps.
• North American Indian: The Woman Stolen by Killer Whales; The Empounded Water.
• Australian: A Fish Story.
• African: The Serpent's Bride; The Marriage of the Rain; The Golden-Headed Fish.
• Asian: The Flying Ship; Why the Ocean is Salty; The Sea of Gold.
• European: (Cossack) The Story of Tremsin, the Bird Zhar, and Nastasia, the Lovely Maid of the Sea — (Russian) The Raven and the Lobster; Salt — (Germany) The Fisherman and His Wife — (Scandinavian) The Little Mermaid; The Troll's Daughter; Why the Sea is Salt.

Oceans, Seas, Animals and Habitats from Mrs. Jackson's Class. Extensive and excellent list of resources with in-depth information about oceans and seas. Includes lesson plans for teachers from various sources.

Ocean Postcards. A Social Studies classroom activity for all grades from the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. Also includes a Teacher's Realm, Oceanography lesson plans, and Neptune's Web home page. Excellent resource.

In the Oceans and Seas from A Kid's Heart. Includes Ocean greeting cards; Sea Life clip art; Toon Fish and Sea Life clip art; printable coral reef word search; printable anagram word game; printable coloring ages; Creatures of the Deep; The Arctic Ocean; Kelp Forest; cartoon fish and sea animals coloring pages; ocean theme desktop wallpaper, and much more. Excellent resource.

Ocean teaching units from ProTeacher Directory. Dozens of classroom activities about oceans and seas suggested by experienced teachers. Lots of interesting and exciting new ideas here. Excellent resource.

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