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Theme music: Special thanks to Petra Koch in Germany (she works with Storyteller Richard Martin), who performed the beautifully haunting alto recorder music of Como Podem from the 13th century collection Cantigas de Santa Maria (copy of Kynsecker, Mollenhauer & Co.). Used on this program with her kind permission.

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Dec 31, 2006 - Hope...Love...and New Beginnings!
Our program today is about hope…love…and new beginnings.
We close out the old and move forward to the new.
Stories have a great way of doing that.
Closing down the old stuff and opening up the future.

Featured storytellers:
David Vanadia (Oregon)
Lion Mouse Truth Tracks
A delightful story of what happens when a mouse dares to venture out on her own,
ignoring the dire warnings of those who would stifle her spirit and growth.

Carrie Sue Ayvar (Florida)
The Perfect Gift
Told in both Spanish and English, this story of a boy in search of the perfect gift
for his mother’s birthday will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Joe Keenan (Tennessee)
The Love Bird
In this tale of transformation, a lonely boy finds happiness and fulfillment
by having the courage to create his own special future with the one he loves.

Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy (California)
A Bed Just So
In his search for a solution to the sleeping problems of his nighttime
companion, this tailor is finally able to find some peace himself.
A classic example of if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
This story is dedicated to Jeanne B. Hardendorff, who first told it to Olive.

Steve Otto (Missouri)
Trouble Boxes and Blessing Bundles
This universal and inspirational tale will cause you to count the blessings
in your life and pay less attention to your troubles.

Jackie Baldwin (California)
Iroquois Creation Legend
A tale of cooperation and how the world began for the
Iroquois Nation and thus for all of us.

Guest tellers...
David Vanadia (Oregon) — Lion Mouse Truth Tracks
David Vanadia is a Narrative Artist who got his start in 1990 by performing in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square Park to anyone who would listen. He's since become an innovative performer, writer, media maker, narrative business workshop leader, and teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga.

David's latest projects include
Do It Yourself Stories
and Stop Being Sweet

More information about his work can be found at

His CD, Six Stories Tall is available at or by contacting David directly through his website.

Contact David at:

Carrie Sue Ayvar (Florida)
— The Perfect Gift
Amazing how an Arabic surnamed, Eastern European Jewish girl from Pittsburgh, PA finds herself telling stories from all over the Hispanic world! It seems destined for a bilingual (Spanish/English) 3rd generation storyteller who came of age in Mexico. Blending traditional, international and personal tales, Carrie Sue takes her audiences on a journey into the imagination connecting people, languages and cultures through her stories. Dynamic and unforgettable, Carrie Sue’s performances are filled with as much fun and surprises as her unique and colorful upbringing amongst stories, from which she draws some information, much inspiration and a lifetime of improvisations!

Carrie Sue Ayvar is a third generation bilingual (Spanish/English) storyteller. She has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of storytelling throughout the United States and Mexico. She has developed and given storytelling workshops for families, teachers, and students, from preschool to university
level, as well as for community groups.

From the time she could sit at the knees of her grandparents, listening to them tell their stories of the Old World or hearing her father recount show business adventures, through her move to Mexico as a teenager, Carrie Sue has been collecting and telling tales.

You can travel around the world with her on an imaginary journey. She takes you on an incredible bilingual exploration across the continents into other times and places using words, rhythms, movement and chants. With the simplest of phrases, "Habíase una vez/Once upon a time . . . " Carrie Sue's magical tales, in Spanish and English, celebrates both the similarities and the differences within our multi-cultural communities. Even if you have never spoken a word of Spanish before, you may find yourself repeating many phrases during and after her enchanting performances!

A nationally acclaimed bilingual storyteller, Carrie Sue Ayvar is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of storytelling. Sharing her stories in both Spanish and English, Carrie Sue performs at schools, parks, libraries, community festivals, hospitals and museum outreach programs. She has developed and given storytelling workshops and lectures (including Keynote speeches). Believing that stories are one of the best means of explaining and passing on the beliefs, traditions and history that individuals or communities wish to keep alive, Carrie Sue tries to connect people, languages and cultures through her stories. She feels stories are the threads that are woven into the tapestry of time and the telling of them helps to develop language, critical and creative thinking skills as well as to build self-confidence and poise.

Her performances blend entertainment and education. Carrie Sue’s stories are filled with as much fun and surprises as her unique & colorful storyteller's apron from which she plucks information, inspiration & improvisations!

Her training includes The Kennedy Center program for the Performing Arts, “ Artists As Educators: Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers”, “Giving Cues: Developing Performance Materials for Young People” and the Broward Kennedy Center Team’s “Expanding the Scope of Performance Materials – From Arts Only to Integration Across the Curriculum”.

For over three years, always ready to enthusiastically share her fun, she worked with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit ® at Miami Children’s Hospital. bringing her stories, joy & laughter to patients, families and staff. Active in local and national storytelling guilds, she currently serves on the executive board of the Florida Storytelling Association, as State Liaison to the National Storytelling Network and is Chairman of the Florida “Youthful Voices” Storytelling Contest.

As a Chautauqua scholar and performance artist with the Florida Humanities Council’s Speakers Bureau, she shares some of Florida’s unique history with audiences throughout the state. These include:

Rose Weiss, called the Mother of Miami Beach, who, with persistence and a smile, fought prejudice, created jobs, helped the needy and guided the city from its earliest days. One person did make a difference.

Dr. Anna Darrow, “ Doc Anner, the Petticoat Doctor of the Everglades”, was a pioneer woman doctor who started medical school in 1903 just after giving birth to her second child. An accomplished award winning artist, she traveled through the swamps & glades of Florida treating any and all who needed her help no matter their color or backgrounds including fishermen, trappers, Seminole Indians and even dangerous outlaw gangs.

Bilingual Stories told by Carrie Sue Ayvar
• La Hormiguita/The Little Ant
• La Mariposa/The Butterfly
• El Gato Comelón/The Gluttonous Cat
• Porqué El Gallo Canta en la Mañana/Why Rooster Crows in the Morning
• El Regalo Perfecto/The Perfect Gift
• La Gallinita Roja/The Little Red Hen

"As she tells her stories, Carrie Ayvar gets enthused with childish glee. Whether in English or in Spanish, her tales deal with simple facts about nature, animals, daily life, with beautiful images and constructive morals."
--Norma Niurka, journalist
El Nuevo Herald and the Miami Herald

Carrie Sue Ayvar
1829 NE 179th St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone: 305 945-4804
Fax: 305 945-0302

Joe Keenan (Tennessee) — The Love Bird
Have you talked with a Tennessee mule lately? Tested your wits against a leprechaun? Faced down a bandit? Played a duet with a bird? Consoled a weeping bucket? Those are just some of the adventures Joe will lead you on with his stories and songs and ditties. Out of a lifetime of entertaining, teaching and traveling, Joe has collected and crafted programs to touch your funny bone, touch your heart, revive memories, and awaken new possibilities. He has programs such as:
• Memories. Stories of growing up in the South in the ‘30s and ‘40s
.• Fools & Foolishness. The messes we do get ourselves into—and how we try to get out.
• The Narrow Path. Stories of generosity, courage, grit and hope; the hard but worthwhile choices.

Joe has brought his unique style to Seniors in retirement, civic and social clubs, college classes, school kids in elementary and middle grades, and to family groups at festivals. He has twice been featured at the annual conference of the Tennessee Storytelling Association, and has performed four times at the Tennessee Festival of Books. He has entertained at the Saturday night concert of the VASA Gathering, the TaleSpin Festival in Chattanooga, and was featured at the First Annual Hoggs Falls Storytelling Festival, Owensboro, KY.
Joe is a member and a past officer of the Tennessee Storytelling Association. He holds membership in the Southern Order of Storytellers and is an Elder member of the National Storytelling Network. He has published a storybook, Old Tales—New Tails (1998), and a CD, There Were 3 Crows (2004).

In addition to performances, Joe offers workshops on:
• Your Indispensable Voice. Techniques and practices to keep your voice healthy, strong, and vibrant.
• Them Bones Gonna Rise. Most folktales are just bare bones plots. Here’s how to give them the muscle, skin and hair to stand and walk with personality.
• Puttin’ On the Style. How to raise your performance level from so-so to WOW, to give your audience what they really want.

Articles by Joe
Digging for Stories

Contact Information:
Joe Keenan
167 Deercrest Circle
Franklin, Tennessee 37069
Phone: 615-646-9357

Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy (California)A Bed Just So
Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy is a storyteller, curriculum consultant and writer in San Francisco, where she has been an artist-in residence in public and private schools for twenty years.

Whether in a one-hour assembly or a long-term residency, storytelling is whole language learning brought to life. A school wide storytelling program is a process rather than a package. Because each school is like a little city, and each class a unique neighborhood, the skill levels, curricula needs and goals differ. After consultation with teachers, classroom programs can be shaped into thematic units that become connective links to geography, social studies, ecology, ethics and values,creative writing,literacy education,English as A Second Language,or theater arts.  Storytelling can easily be the oral language component for an established lesson plan.

The oral tradition is our "first literature" world-wide. Both empathy and understanding are encouraged when students join together to hear stories of wonder and wisdom from a multitude of cultures.

Still more about Olive:

CD available:
Imagine Your Way Home With Olive
“Imagine you way home with OLIVE” includes the following stories;
The Queen Bee, Mother Holle, and The Seven Ravens, all from The Brothers’ Grimm.
Teeny Tiny and the Witch Woman. A Turkish Folk Tale collected and written by Barbara K. Walker. All rights reserved. Pantheon Books: 1975
A Bed Just So. Retold by Jeanne B. Hardendorff. All rights reserved. Four Winds Press: 1975

Olive’s comments.
The written text of the first three stories can be found in large collections of The Grimm Fairy Tales and each one has been rewritten in many versions that can be found in the children’s picture book section of public libraries.

My retellings have been shaped by lively interaction with audiences of all ages. The main characters are as familiar to me as good friends for whom I have a deep affection. As with any story that has lasted for generations these will be understood differently through the age and experience of each listener.

Barbara K. Walker first heard Teeny Tiny and The Witch Woman in 1967 while she was in Turkey. The teller was a 94 year old grandmother who swore she had heard it from her grandmother. Ms. Walker had the story translated into English and then “let it cook” as stories do until she wrote her version in 1975. With her enthusiastic permission I also “let it cook” for my own retelling. This story can be pretty scary to little children who are both relieved and proud when Teeny Tiny’s wits and courage save the family. Ms. Walker has 38 published works and is a good resource for Turkish Folk Tales.

The origin of A Bed Just So remains a mystery to me. Ms. Hardendorff’s son Eric said his mother spent a tremendous amount of time in The Library of Congress finding obscure stories which she brought back to life as a librarian and storyteller. Both humorous and a lullaby in spoken word, this story is delightfully smart. Out of print as it is, I am so happy to have the permission to bring this little story to new audiences.

Notes on copyright. The three stories from The Brothers Grimm are in the public domain. If my interpretations remind another storyteller of the riches in these tales, I hope you will pass them on to other audiences with your own unique voices.

However, rights for use of Teeny Tiny and the Witch Woman and A Bed Just So are not mine to share. Copyright permission remains with Ms. Walker and the estate of Jeanne B. Hardendorff.

What Others Say About Olive:
Olive’s stories entranced me. Her resonant voice and stunning images animate plots full of life questions and exotic circumstance. The pleasant feeling of being in a world that is both familiar and richly challenging lingers like the memory of a great feast."
Rick Foster, co-author
How We Choose to be Happy

First of all...another GREAT session. The kids will be missing you every Monday. The moment you left, I put on the CD and have not been able to take it out. They have listened to the stories over and over and LOVE listening to you tell them....When it is on, the kids become very quiet and lots of work gets done. It is amazing.
Kristi Martin
Teacher. Second Grade
Meadows Elementary School
Millbrae, CA

As soon as Olive began a story, the inevitable fidgeting of eight and nine-year-olds would come to a halt, and they calmly and attentively took in and experienced these wonderful stories. Next, Olive was able to weave into her performances and subsequent discussions the themes and ideas which we had been grappling with as a class, such as: What are characters; setting, and good endings? What is the difference between a fairy tale and a folk tale? Finally, Olive facilitated an experience for the students and for me which empowered us as storytellers ourselves. In their evaluations of my class, my students said that one week with Olive was their favorite in the quarter.
Karen Heath
Language Arts Teacher
Barre, Vermont

Articles by Olive:
1) A Fairy Tale Journey Through Critical Care

Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy

• Steve Otto (Missouri)
Trouble Boxes and Blessing Bundles
Steve Otto is a full-time professional storyteller from Kansas City, MO. He started out as the shyest kid in the school until the tenth grade when his English Literature teacher FORCED him onto the stage! As with many actors, he found that he could go out on stage and become a character and it wasn't HIM on stage. He started doing character roles early in his career, and was in every high school play from that point on. He went the University of Missouri and immediately ended up on the stage at MU. It was such fun that he decided to become a Theatre major.

About this time something brand new was coming on the scene called Television. MU had just put a commercial TV station on the air and Steve gravitated to that medium. He started out as a cameraman, and moved up to directing in that wonderful time of LIVE, Black and White Television. He fell in love with the "fly by the seat of your pants" feel of live TV and graduated from MU with a degree in Speech and Theatre with an emphasis on Television Production. He worked for four years in TV in Columbia, MO, Fort Wayne, IN, and St. Louis, MO, before making his parents very happy and getting a "real job." For the next 30 years, he acted and directed in over 40 roles in Community theatre. That is when the troubles began . . . His 'real job' was keeping him on the road so much that he could not do his theatre productions . . . Then one day his first grade teacher wife came home with a brochure from the local university . . . Storytelling for teachers . . . She said "I think you should take this seminar with me . . . " Steve emphatically told her "I AM AN ACTOR! . . . STORYTELLERS JUST READ STORIES TO LITTLE KIDS IN THE LIBRARY ON SATURDAY MORNING!" She just looked at him and said (just as emphatically) "I THINK YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS SEMINAR!" . . . An so he did . . . The seminar changed his life completely . . . It was taught by Jackie Torrence . . . a little black lady who came on stage and proceeded to mesmerize the entire audience . . . just using her voice, her eyes, and her whole presence!Steve Fell in LOVE that very day. He fell in LOVE with the concept of looking his audience right in the eyes and SHARING (not telling) a story. He took every class he could find on storytelling technique and began telling every opportunity he could. Then came the day when a festival producer asked "how much do you charge?" . . . CHARGE! THEY WANT TO PAY ME TO HAVE THIS MUCH FUN? . . . He started telling professionally, more and more until twelve years ago his employer one day came into a staff meeting and said "We're going to have to cut back on staff . . . Does anyone want to take an early retirement?" . . . and Steve had his hand in the air . . .Take ME!"

He now does over 250 performances as year and makes his living just telling stories. He has three CDs which are available for sale. His repertoire of over 450 stories allows him to have a program for every group from Nursery School to Nursing Home. He teaches seminars on storytelling techniques to teachers, business, lawyers, salesmen, and anyone who needs to convey a message to someone else. . . He does it because he LOVES it. The ability to take an idea and convey that idea to his audience whether it is one person or 3000 is the best thing in the world.

Has anyone told YOU a story lately? . . .

Wide Mouth Frog
may be found on Steve's CD of the same name available here:
Other stories on this CD are:
The Gingerbread Man 8:42
Skunk and Blue Jay 10:20
Second Language 2:42
The Lima Bean Monster 9:28
The Proud Fox 4:43
Lazy Jack 14:20
The Stone Cutter 7:03

Contact Information:
Steve Otto
3606 NE 62nd Terrace
Kansas City, Missouri 64119-1906
Country: USA
Phone: 816-454-7262
Fax: 816-454-7262

Jackie Baldwin (California)
— Iroquois Nation Creation Legend
Jackie has been a storyteller all her life but she got serious about it in the mid-'80s when she began and later graduated from the Dominican University Professional Storytelling Credential Program in San Rafael, created by the wonderful Ruth Stotter.

In the late '90s, Jackie launched the Story-Lovers website and with the generous assistance of tellers all over the world has helped the site grow to be one of the largest on the Internet providing story ideas and sources. Story-Lovers will soon become a podcast, available to anyone in the world 24/7. She also began teaching storytelling and creative writing in the late '90s and is working currently with both adults and children to bring the joy of storytelling into their lives, personally and professionally.

Jackie wrote/directed/produced award-winning educational television programs and series for PBS for 25 years, based out of San Francisco. She recently began concentrating on radio with a weekly, one-hour program Story-Lovers World! on KSVY Sonoma 91.3 FM, in which she welcomes storytellers from around the world to share their ideas and stories through live streaming, which makes the program available to anyone with a computer, no matter where in the world they live. Plans are underway to syndicate this program on international radio.

In 2000, Jackie began publishing the thematic Bare Bones books, which reduce stories to their "bare bones" and include stories from the last 100 years. Nine books comprise this series so far, with more to come, and many of the the stories are contributed by international tellers. A published author, her latest book, An Enchanted Garden of Seeds and Stories, includes eight world folktales involving plants and eight packets of seeds to go with the stories. It is available on or . Story-Lovers is also a source for all storytelling stationery products, such as calendars, greeting cards, business cards, notepads, matted prints, and thousands of early 20th-century artwork by the world's best-known artists.

A board member of the Storytelling Association of Alta, California (S.A.A.C.) and the Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn. (BAIPA), Jackie was awarded the National Storytelling Network's prestigious 2006 ORACLE Award for Distinguished National Service.

She produces San Francisco Bay Area regional events called Teller-to-Teller, which are designed to provide behind-the-scenes, professional information, advice and sharing about the field to all storytellers, from beginning to advanced.

Contact Jackie at:

P.O. Box 446
Sonoma, CA 95476

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