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Bird's Gift (The): A Ukrainian Easter Story by Eric A. Kimmel. (1999 - Ages 4-8)
This folktale describes the origin of pysanky, the process of decorating Easter eggs with intricate, colorful patterns. Katrusya and her grandfather are walking in freshly fallen snow when they discover a flock of tiny golden birds that has been overcome by the sudden cold. They rescue as many as possible from the drifts, then hurry back to the village. Soon everyone rushes out to help, and the priest opens the church to shelter the animals. Shortly before spring arrives, the feathered creatures clamor to be released...

Cat (The) & the Rooster by Ivan Malkovych. (1995 - Ages 4-8)
Ignoring his friend the cat's warning to stay inside, the rooster is unable to resist the wheat strewn outside his window by a wily fox and, venturing out, is quickly captured. A battle of wits between the cat and the fox ensues, and the cat proves himself every bit as clever and cunning as the fox.

Fool of the World and the Flying Ship by Valeri Gorbachev. (1998 - Ages 4-8)
When the Tsar announces that he will give his daughter's hand to the man who brings him a flying ship, the Fool of the World takes the challenge. He meets an old man and follows his advice, resulting in the appearance of the flying ship. He picks up seven passengers, each with a unique power that helps him complete the impossible tasks the Tsar requires before the suitor can wed the Tsarevna.

Magic Egg (The) and Other Tales from Ukraine by Barbara J. Suwyn. (1997)
Discover Ukraine's long and fascinating history, its rich folk literature, and its deep cultural roots. A historical overview and an introduction to Ukrainian folk literature are followed by 33 traditional tales-humorous animal tales, instructive fables, how and why stories, heroic legends, and even spooky tales

Mister Cat-and-a-Half by Richard Pevear.
When the mouse catcher in the royal kitchen finds that his enjoyment of the cushy life overpowers his desire to catch mice, he finds himself out of a job and abandoned in the forest. A she-fox comes along and takes him home to be her husband. She decides that a dinner would be the perfect welcome for her new husband. Because the wolf, the bear, the boar, and the hare have never before seen a cat, they are eager to extend their hospitality but are somewhat intimidated by their guest, so they set the table and hide to watch the results.

Mitten (The) by Jim Aylesworth with Barbara McClintock (illus). (2009 - Ages 4-8)
When a little boy loses a mitten in the snow, a passing squirrel finds it's the perfect place to warm his icy toes. So he sqe-e-e-e-zes inside. But he's not the only animal with that idea. How many animals can fit inside a little boy's mitten? Aylesworth's rollicking rhyming refrains and McClintock's delightfully expressive characters are sure to make this book every child's storytime favorite.

Mitten (The) by Jan Brett. (1990)
Nicki's mitten becomes a cozy home for a host of woodland creatures. The illustrations and book design are exquisite, perfectly capturing the wintry setting.

Mitten (The) - Board Book Edition by Jan Brett.
A Ukrainian boy named Nicki wants his grandmother Baba to knit snow-white mittens for him. She warns her grandson that a white mitten will be hard to find if he loses it in the snow, but of course he promptly does just that! What happens next is the surprising part, as a mole takes refuge in the lost mitten, then a rabbit, then a hedgehog, an owl, a badger, and a fox. If you think the mitten might be a wee bit stretched out at this point, just wait...

Mitten (The) Gift Package by Jan Brett. (1998 - Ages 4-8)
A runaway holiday hit, this book is now packaged in a lovely gift box with a set of pale gray, stretchy acrylic, machine-washable, one-size-fits-most-kids-under-five mittens, complete with hedgehog decal. This is a fine story to read on a frosty night with a cup of hot chocolat

Mitten (The) by Alvin Tresselt.
Deep in the woods on the coldest day of winter a little boy drops his mitten. And that lost mitten stretches and stretches -- and stretches -- to provide shelter for many woodland creatures. A Ukrainian folk tale.

Old Man's Mitten (The) by Yevonne Pollock.
A mouse, a frog, a rabbit, a fox, a wolf, and a bear all squeeze into a lost mitten until its owner comes back to reclaim it.

One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes: A Hutzul Tale by Eric A. Kimmel.
A Ukrainian-Hutzul version of an age-old story. When a traveler is lost in the woods, the witch Three Eyes agrees to help him find his way back if he agrees to give her his most precious possession. Only when he gets home does he realize that he has bargained away his beloved daughter, Larissa. The beautiful maiden must slave from dawn to dusk for the wicked old witch and her two hideous daughters; but Larissa's talking goat helps her, and when a prince comes riding by, she is ready to go with him.

Rumor of Pavel & Paali (The): A Ukrainian folktaleby Carole Kismaric.
In former days, that is to say once upon a time, in a town on a Great Plain there were twin brothers named Pavel and Paali. Pavel is a cruel and stingy young man while Paali is a kind and generous one, and one day they make a bet as to whether it is better to be good or to be evil. The brothers will ask the first three authorities they meet what they believe and whoever wins the best will get all that the other person owns.

Sirko and the Wolf: A Ukrainian Tale by Eric A. Kimmel
Sirko, a sheepdog, has guarded the flocks for years. Now he is too old. His master's wife suggests that they get rid of him and get a new dog. Instead, the farmer secretly grants freedom to his faithful friend. A wolf hears the abandoned Sirko's howls and promises to help? "Because we are cousins." The wolf stages an attack on the farmer's baby, with Sirko cast as the courageous rescuer. The sheepdog is immediately restored to a place of honor. Soon an opportunity arrives for Sirko to repay the kindness...

Treasury of Ukrainian Love: Poems, Quotations & Proverbs (English and Ukrainian Edition) by Helene Turkewicz-Sanko (1997).
A selection of Ukrainian poetry in both their original language and translated into English. Also included are a number of quotations and proverbs from famous Ukrainian writers. This book of charming and beautiful poems is a must for anyone interested in or an immigrant from the Ukraine.

Ukrainian Easter: Traditions, Folk Customs, and Recipes by Mary Ann Woloch Vaughn. (1983)

Ukrainian Folk Tales by Marie H. Bloch. (1999 - Ages 9-12)
In this volume will be found not only many of the familiar ingredients of folklore, but many surprising Slavic twists as well. Greed and gullibility are justly punished; quick wits and ingenuity triumph over brutish strength every time; but these animals, the fox and the wild boar, the bear, the faithful dog, even a surprising cat who announces, "I am Pan Kotsky! I am the most frightful animal in the woods. I tear to pieces whomever I please!" -- are mirrors of human foibles and failings and reflect a humorous commentary on life in general.

Ukrainian Folk-tales (Oxford Myths and Legends Series) by Christina Oparenko. (1996 - Ages 9-12)
This book celebrates the heritage of the Ukraine, as that country regains its identity as an individual nation. Here you will find tales of the cat who saved the rooster from the clutches of the vixen, the runaway bun who wouldn't be eaten, Mr Kotsky, the fiercest animal in the forest, and many more.

Ukrainian Minstrels: And the Blind Shall Sing (Folklores and Folk Cultures of Eastern Europe) by Natalie O. Kononenko. (1998)
Among the many intriguing characteristics of the Ukrainian folk tradition is the fact that Ukrainian epics were sung by a special type of minstrel - the blind mendicant. Yes, blindness was obligatory! These minstrels were organized into professional guilds that set standards for training and performance and provided the singers with protection and support throughout their careers. This book reveals a distinctive folk tradition and a little-known social order.

Vampires in the Carpathians by Petr Bogatyrev. (1998)
Describes in detail the traditions and beliefs of the people of Subcarpathian Rus'—traditions that have been handed down, generation to generation, for hundreds of years: the rites of the fourteen celebrations in the annual church calendar, from Christmas and the Epiphany to Lent and Easter; the festivals on the occasions of births, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Also explored are Rusyn beliefs in supernatural beings and accounts of sightings of demons, witches, and vampires.

Wolf (The) Who Came Christmas Caroling by Ukrainian Fairy Tales. (2001 - Ages 4-8)
This book contains two Ukrainian Fairy tales: "The Wolf Who Came Christmas Caroling" and "The Hedgehog And The Hare". This book is published in a large, easy to read font and full color amazing illustrations on every page.

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Online links are in blue and underlined. Click on them to get more stories and information.
Story titles are in quotation marks.
To retell any stories, get permission from the copyright holder if the material is not in the public domain.
Short descriptions included for your convenience and to save you research time.
Ukrainian folk music from Wikipedia.
Excellent compilation of Russian and Ukrainian folktales from Russian Crafts. Many crafts, jewelry, clothing as well.
Ukraine Christmas folk songs on YouTube.
Ukraine: Folk Music and Dancing in Kyiv on New Years 2005.
Ukraine: "Cow's Head" retold by S.E. Schlosser.
A Survey of Ukrainian Folk Tales by Petro Lintur. PDF.
"One-Eye! Two-Eyes! Three-Eyes! — A very Grimm Fairy Tale" told by Aaron Shepard.
Ukrainian Fairy Tales from
10 folktales from Eastern European (including Ukraine) Folklore & Customs by Daniel William Evanishen.

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Geeperz Ukrainian Eggs Craft Kit (Makes 12)
Create these beautiful eggs in four easy steps with paint and low-temp glue sticks. A colorful design will miraculously appear when the glue is removed. Includes non-toxic acrylic paint and low-temp glue sticks, brushes, foam eggs and stands to complement the 2-

Kid's Guide (A) to Ukrainian Eggs

Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit
The Ukrainian art of decorating eggs using a unique waxresist and dye process called "pysanky" dates back to ancient times. This kit contains two "kistky" tools for drawing the linework in wax, a beeswax patty, eight packets of vivd, watersoluble dyes, illustrated instructions, and color photos of finished eggs, all attractively boxed.For additional sessions of egg decorating, order our set of dye refills. Includes DVD How to Decorate Beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

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Advice, Comments and References from Storytellers, Teachers and Librarians
(excerpts from Storytell posts plus original research)

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Story and song titles are in quotation marks.
To retell any stories, get permission from the copyright holder if the material is not in the public domain.
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Magic Egg (The) and Other Tales from Ukraine, retold by Barbara J. Suwyn. Illustrated by the author. Edited and with an introduction by Natalie O. Kononenko. 1997. Includes glossary, bibliography, and index.
Christmas Spiders
Clever Little Fox
Clever Maid
Dnipro and Dunai
Doll, The
Donkey and the Wolf
Dovbush's Treasure
Flute and the Whip
Frog Princess
Further Adventures of Fox and Wolf
Garden, The
Golden Slipper
Gossip, The
Honesty and Dishonesty
How Evil Came Into the World
How the Earth was Made
Little Round Bun
Magic Egg
Man Who Danced with the Rusalky
Mitten, The
Oh! Lord of the Forest
Old Dog Sirko
Old Father Who Went to School
Pan Kotsky, Sir Puss O'Cat
Red Death
Saint Cassian
Sorceress, The
Stolen Postoly and the Boiled Eggs
Stranger, The
Sun, the Frost, and the Wind
Turnip, The
Two Daughter

Ukrainian Folk Tales, translated by Marie Halun Bloch from the original collections of Ivan Rudchenko and Maria Lukiyanenko, illustrated by J. Hnizdovsky. New York: Coward-McCann, 1964.
Billy Goat and the Sheep
Cat and the Chanticleer
Crane and the Fox
Farmer, the Bear, and the Fox
Farmyard, The
Foolish Dog
How the Little Fox Went After Chaff
Pan Kotsky
Poor Wolf
Sparrow and the Stalk of Grass
Spiteful Nanny Goat

3) An article of mine on telling the Ukranian folktale to young learners (albeit German young learners) has just been published.
That has now been uploaded to

Richard M. Germany

4) The Jewish stories of Hershel of Ostropol are from the Ukraine.

Sheila W. 1/8/10

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