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If I could take your Troubles,
I would toss them in the Sea.
But since I can't, I'm sending you,
My favorite cup of tea.
(source unknown)

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Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea
My mother says I am
Brown honey in broomwheat tea
My father calls me the sweetwater of his days
Yet they warn
There are those who
Have brewed a
Bitter potion for
Children kissed long by the sun
Therefore I approach
The cup slowly
Bur first I ask
Who has set this table

Excerpted from Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea : Poems by Joyce Carol Thomas, Floyd Cooper. Copyright © 1993. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. (from amazon.com)

Cup Of Tea (A)
When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea.
There is magic in its' fragrance,
There is solace in its' taste;
And the laden moments vanish
Somehow into space.
And the world becomes a lovely thing!
There's beauty as you'll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.

"If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are depressed it will cheer you;
if you are excited it will calm you."
~William Gladstone

Story About Tea (base it on Little Red Hen).
Who will draw the water?
Who will boil it?
Who will spoon the tea from the tin?
Who will lift the kettle and pour?
Who waits while it steeps?
Who fills the cups?
Who will drink the tea?

Tea Party
I had a little tea party, this afternoon at three
Twas very small, three guests in all, I, Myself, and Me
Myself ate up the sandwhiches, while I drank up the tea
Twas also I who ate the pie and passed the cake to me!


I cannot sit and chat with you,
the way I'd like to do.
So brew yourself a cup of tea,
I'll think of you, you think of me.
(Author unknown)


Come to My Tea Party: Kindness and Friendship for Young Ladies
(Sandy's Tea Society)
by Sandy Lynam Clough. (2002 - Ages 4-8)

Serve up some teatime fun to the sweet little girl in your life by introducing her to the encouraging world of tea parties. With a wonderful story embracing the gifts of faith, hope, love, and joy, young ladies ages 4-9 will discover exciting opportunities to celebrate rainy days, new friends, big sisters, and that very special mother-daughter relationship.

Royal Easter Tea Party (The) by Megan Bryant. (2008 - Ages 4-8)
This novelty Easter book encourages little hands to crack open sparkly eggs and discover the special treats inside! The story follows four beautiful bunny princesses in the Royal Gardens as they celebrate the holiday with a tea party and Easter egg hunt. Readers will love opening and closing the glittery three dimensional eggs on every spread, and the sturdy cardstock pages will stand up to multiple readings.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Signet Classics)
by Lewis Carroll. (Reprint 2000)
The Mad Hatter, the Ugly Duchess, the Mock Turtle, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat-characters each more eccentric than the last, and that could only have come from Lewis Carroll, the master of sublime nonsense. In these two brilliant burlesques he created two of the most famous and fantastic novels of all time that not only stirred our imagination but revolutionized literature.
Featuring the exquisite line drawings created for the original edition.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation
The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition
Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (Penguin Classics)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Barnes & Noble Classics)

Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends by Jeannette Faurot (1995).

The 65 myths and folktales in this volume are gathered from the rich heritage of legends in eight East and Southeast Asian countries, with the largest number of stories coming from China (17). The editor herself translates or retells 14 of the Chinese stories for this collection, while the others are reprinted from existing anthologies. The themes of many of the stories are similar to Western legends. The "fox fairy" stories contain vampirish seductresses, for instance, while in the Cinderella-like "Story of Tam and Cam" from Vietnam the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy acts like a fairy godmother and the stepdaughter is actually killed by her wicked stepmother. Though Faurot (Asian studies, Univ. of Texas) does not state the criteria for inclusion in this book, the stories are grouped by general categories such as "How Things Came To Be" and "Magic Gifts." The collection gives a quick, multinational overview of some favorite Asian legends. Recommended for larger public libraries. E. Perushek, Univ. of Tennessee Libs., Knoxville.

Best Tea Party Ever!, The (Jewel Sticker Stories)
by Sonali Fry (illus). (2000 - Ages 4-8)
Sarina and her mom decide to turn a gloomy, rainy day around by having a wonderful tea party. To prepare for the event, they make sandwiches, pick flowers, put out the fancy china, and more. In the end, they prove that planning a tea party can be as fun as having one! Comes with 25 colorful, sparkling jewel stickers that kids can use to decorate the pages of the book.

Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea: Poems
by Joyce Carol Thomas with Floyd Cooper (illus) (1993 - Ages 4-8)
‘A cycle of a dozen lyrical poems exploring issues of African-American identity through delicately interwoven images. . . . Laden with meaning, the poetry is significant and lovely. Cooper's paintings, with vibrant, unsentimentalized characters in earth tone illumined with gold, are warm, contemplative'a beautiful complement to Thomas's eloquence. A must.' 'K. ‘Poems rooted in home, family, and the African-American experience…. Highly readable and attractive.' 'BL.
1994 Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book for Nonfiction
1994 Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book for Illustration
1994 Teachers' Choices (IRA)
Notable 1994 Childrens' Trade Books in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC)
1994 Notable Trade Books in the Language Arts (NCTE)
100 Books for Reading and Sharing (NY Public Library)
1993 "Pick of the Lists" (ABA)

DAISY BUNNY'S TEATIME (Tea Bunnies Board Books)
by Linda Karl. (1994 - Baby-Preschool)
ROSE BUNNY'S TEATIME (Tea Bunnies Shaped Board Books)
by Linda Karl. (1994 - Baby-Preschool)
TULIP BUNNY'S TEATIME (Tea Bunnies Shaped Board Books)
by Linda Karl. (1994 - Baby-Preschool)
VIOLET BUNNY'S TEATIME (Tea Bunnies Shaped Board Books)
by Linda Karl. (1994 - Baby-Preschool)

Come to My Tea Party: Kindness and Friendship for Young Ladies (Sandy's Tea Society)
by Sandy Lynam Clough. (2002 - Ages 4-8)
Serve up some teatime fun to the sweet little girl in your life by introducing her to the encouraging world of tea parties. With a wonderful story embracing the gifts of faith, hope, love, and joy, young ladies ages 49 will discover exciting opportunities to celebrate rainy days, new friends, big sisters, and that very special mother-daughter relationship.

Dark Sparkle Tea: And Other Bedtime Poems
by Tim Myers with Kelley Cunningham (illus) (2006 - Ages 4-8)
Gr. 2-4. Myers writes songs, in addition to stories and poems, and the selections in this collection beg for a guitar to back up their foot-tapping beats and infectious, repetitive words. The subject is bedtime, but these aren't sleepy-time rhymes. Many poems describe rambunctious prebedtime preparations: "tubbed and towel-rubbed, / now jumping in jammers / like bed-bound jackhammers." Children will enjoy the nonsense, nursery-rhyme wordplay ("dizzy busy buzzy bees / waggle-work"). And then there's the decription of bedtime "At the Skunks' House," filled with stinky endearments ("little stinkhearts," "wee Limburgers") that are sure to provoke giggles. In a more earnest selection, a girl speaks about the thrilling freedom dreams bring. The pastel illustrations ably extend both the family coziness and the outside world's quiet starlight. For more bedtime verse, pair this with The Drowsy Hours (2002), edited by Susan Pearson. Gillian Engberg.

Eggs For Tea (Little Monsters)
by Jan Pienkowski. (1990 - Ages 4-8)
PreSchool-K-- Pienkowski has channeled his considerable talents into a pair of deceptively simple-looking addition and subtraction books. Slender in format and plot, both titles feature animated inky splotches dressed up as silly monsters. Eggs for Tea features a simple subtraction theme. A monster spies six brown eggs in a carton. Each egg is subsequently gobbled by a passing creature. When a fight ensues over the last egg, the smallest member swipes and eats it. Not quite so engaging a story line as the second title, it more clearly exemplifies the math principle. In Pet Food , the monsters' pet hasn't had his supper yet, so each of them gives it food. Each item is visually apparent and countable in the body of the crocodilelike creature. The pet fends for itself for breakfast, as he eats a hat, bat, coat, boat, and ball. Pretty soon it's dinner time, and the last picture is the crocodile chasing its owners. The sing-song text is lively and, although the plot resembles The Greedy Python (Picture Book Studio, 1985; o.p.) by Richard Buckley, it's still a winner. --Karen K. Radtke, Milwaukee Public Library

How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party
by Cicely Mary Barker. (2004 - Ages 4-8)
Here is a lovely guide to hosting your very own Flower Fairy tea party. It includes decorations, invitations, ideas for food to serve, party outfits, games to play, and presents for your guests. Various fairies will lead you through each section of the book to make your tea party fabulous.

I Asked a Tiger to Tea: And Other Poems
by Ivy O. Eastwick and Walter B. Barbe with Melanie W. Hall (illus) (2002 - Grades 2-4)
Gr. 2-6. Inspired by the English garden of Eastwick's childhood, the poems in this collection, compiled by Walter Barbe, are populated by fanciful animals, flavored with elements of nature, and written in appealing, lilting cadences: "Nighttime / Away went the twilight! / Away went the rain! / All the little fireflies / Glimmered once again. / A hundred little bright lights / Dancing on the breeze / Underneath the lilacs / And pussy willow trees." Many of them also display a keen sense of humor: "Six Little Monsters" is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on child discipline; in "Elegant Edward," Edward is "puffed up" and certain "there's nobody half so clever or handsome" when he's invited to greet the queen, but he forgets to take off his bedroom slippers! Eastwick's rhythmically dancing lines are in concert with Hall's richly textured, lushly colored art; the pictures' graceful, fanciful forms nicely complement the nonsense, nature, and fantasy of the engaging rhymes. Previous generations enjoyed many of these poems in Highlights for Children magazine; this collection proves there's much about Eastwick's work that will engage today's young readers, too.
Ellen Mandel.

Let's Have a Tea Party: A Scratch-and-Sniff Storybook (Holly Hobbie & Friends)
by Sonali Fry with Bob Berry (illus). (2007 - Ages 4-8)
Holly, Carrie, and Amy are hosting a tea party! The girls are busy making their treats when Robby, Holly's younger brother, presents then with a
tray of peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches. Holly refuses to accept them, saying they're not right for a tea party. But it isn't long before Holly appreciates her brother's act of kindness. Readers can join in the fun by smelling the seven fragrant scents in this storybook!

Let's Have a Tea Party!: Special Celebrations for Little Girls
by Emlie Barnes with Sue Christian Parsons and Michal Sparks (illustrators). (1997 - Ages 4-8)
Emilie Barnes invites her little friends to enjoy the wonder of teatime. Whimsical images by artist Michal Sparks dance around the many creative ideas for invitations, decorations, tasty treats, and frolicking fun activities for six parties, including Elizabeth’s Pony Club Tea, A Musical Tea, and Tea with Grammy.

Marvin Composes a Tea: And Other Humorous Stories
by Inc. Highlights for Children with Judith Hunt and Carlos Garzon (illustrators). (1992 - Ages 9-12)

Memory of Christmas Tea, A
by Tom Hegg with Warren Hanson (illus). (1999 - Ages 9-12)
On a lonely Christmas a nephew remembers his beloved great-aunt and realizes the value of her legacy, a message of advice revealing the true spirit of the season.

Miss Spider's Tea Party (Scholastic Bookshelf)
by David Kirk. (2007 - Ages 4-8)
Grade 1-3-Ingenuous Miss Spider can't understand why insects flee in panic at her approach. Being a florivore herself, she only wants to invite them over for cakes and tea. The ironic air wafting through Kirk's rhymed tale will not be lost on young readers, and the insects in the big, brightly colored illustrations bear comically apprehensive expressions as they hastily depart. Miss Spider is depicted as a freckled, green-eyed beauty with a bulbous black-and-gold body; she and her would-be guests are seen in a slightly softened focus that sometimes sharpens to a glossy solidity reminiscent of William Joyce's figures. At last, Miss Spider is able to convince a rain-soaked moth of her good intentions, and, "Before too long our hostess knew/Each bug who crawled or hopped or flew/And all their lovely children too." A sweet tale-pair it with Mary Ann Hoberman's Bugs (Viking, 1976; o.p.). John Peters, New York Public Library

Mr. Putter & Tabby Pour the Tea (Mr. Putter & Tabby)
by Cynthia Rylant with Arthur Howard (illus). (1994 - Ages 4-8)
Two tales about companionship mark the highly propitious start of a new series. The gentle, affecting first volume introduces elderly Mr. Putter, who decides that a cat will keep him from feeling lonely. Only kittens are available at the pet store (" 'Oh, no one wants cats, sir,' said the pet store lady. 'They are not cute. They are not peppy.' Mr. Putter himself has not been cute and peppy for a very long time"). At the animal shelter, however, he finds Tabby, a decidedly old yellow-and-white cat who needs a friend, too. In the second installment, quicker paced if less true to life, Mr. Putter and Tabby offer to take care of a neighbor's bulldog, Zeke, only to discover that Zeke isn't the darling "little lollypup" his owner believes him to be. Rylant's ( Missing May ; the Henry and Mudge series) texts, each broken into three short chapters, reflect admirable concern for brevity and meticulous consideration of every word. They are in perfect sync with Howard's expressive sketches, which slip abundant visual jokes into sunny, transparent watercolors and gouaches, and fluid pencil and pastel scribbles. Because the animals aren't strongly anthropomorphized, a sense of realism prevails, and the overall effect is sweet but never schmaltzy. Winsome and warmhearted, these books could become instant favorites. Ages 6-10.

My Little Pony: The World's Biggest Tea Party (My Little Pony)
by Jennifer Frantz with Lyn Fletcher (illus). (2006 - Ages 4-8)
Pinkie Pie has a great idea—she wants to have the biggest tea party in the world! But it's a lot of work, and she can't do it alone. Will her friends help make her dream come true?

My Very First Tea Party
by Michal Sparks. (2000 - Baby-Preschool)
The clever and colorful Miss Honey B. Five shows little ones ages 0–3 how hearts fill to the brim when friends gather together for tea and good times.

Orange Cheeks
by Jay O'Callahan. (1993 - Ages 4-8)
FOUR-AND-A-HALF-YEAR-OLD WILLIE, loves to visit Grandma's house, where the stairs are "dark as chocolate" and the dust dances in the sunlight, where he can kiss Grandma's wrinkled, crinkled cheeks and be served tea in the dining room. Grandma even has a special prize waiting for Willie. Here, in an atmosphere rich in trust and understanding, mistakes are forgiven and lessons are learned. With Grandma's assistance, Willie discovers that some problems can be readily solved and good secrets are a wonderful gift. Willie has promised to stay out of trouble on this visit to Grandma's house. "Last weekend," his mother admonishes him, "you cut up all the fruit and put it in the big bowl and poured salt on top. If there's any trouble, you won't go overnight for a year." Unfortunately, Willie (in the way of all four-year-olds) is so busy enjoying himself that trouble sneaks up on him again. But it's Grandma to the rescue, as she works her magic to restore order. The trouble, Grandma tells her daughter, "was that Willie and I didn't have enough time together."

Pink Princess Cookbook
by Barbara Beery. (2008 - Ages 4-8)
A nibble, a snack, a break-bite-no matter what you call it, tea time is alive and well in homes and classrooms across America. Make this every-day occurrence extraordinary with more mouth-watering recipes from Queen of Kids' Cuisine Barbara Beery and Batter Up Kids. More than just tea and cakes, Pink Princess Tea Parties includes perfect little bites and tiny treats to keep kids busy in the kitchen and having fun with friends! Enjoy such delights as the Pink Princess Smoothie, Sweetheart Shortbread, Royal Raspberry Tarts, Princess Candy Crunch, and Gingerbread Tea Loaves. Filled with easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photography, Pink Princess Tea Parties is ideal for tea parties, birthday parties, or any playtime, and is sure to delight the little princess in all of us!

Ruby's Tea for Two (Max and Ruby)
by Rosemary Wells. (2003 - Baby-Preschool)
Everybody loves Max and Ruby-and what toddler could resist these adorable shaped board books? Cut in the shape of Rosemary Wells's beloved bunny siblings and filled with simple text and colorful illustrations on every page, these two books are guaranteed to delight the very youngest Max and Ruby fans, who can now follow the bunnies' adventures on daily television.

Tales of a Korean Grandmother: 32 Traditional Tales from Korea (Tut Books. L)
by Frances Carpenter. (1989 - Ages 4-8)
Enchanting book for folk-lore fanciers, as well as fresh, stimulating material on the little known culture and traditions of Korea. 32 Korean folk tales told against a background of Korean family life by an author who knows her material. The illustrations are reproductions of rare paintings purchased by the author's father, a geographer who bought them in Korea in 1870 - before Japan had smashed the peace of the country. The moral wisdom and clear, simple form of these tales give them the true folk flavor, and the life of the Kim family is woven into the story and brought up to date in a final section on Korea today.

Tangerines and Tea, My Grandparents and Me: An Alphabet Book
by Ona Gritz with Yumi Heo (illus). (2005 - Ages 9-12)
With heartwarming illustrations and fun rhymes, this alphabet book is perfect for grandchildren and grandparents alike!
Visiting grandparents is always an adventure, whether rooting through drawers, playing pretend, or relaxing and reading together in a comfortable chair. Join two boisterous siblings as they leave home to be guests on their grandparents' farm during different seasons of the year. Providing fun rhymes like "the songs we sing while we sit on the swing," and "an oak tree to climb one limb at a time," both adults and children will have fun singing and reading along together, as they learn the alphabet!
Yumi Heo's whimsical illustrations provide the perfect complement to the rhythm of Ona Gritz's jubilant ABC text. Grandchildren of all ages will recognize themselves in this book's appreciative look at the warmth and happiness that grandparents provide.

Tasha's Tea Party: A Lift-the-Flap Board Book (Backyardigans)
by Nancy Parent (adapter) with David A. Cutting (illus). (2006 - Baby-Preschool)
Review by a parent
My twins love the flaps and it is a cute a colorful book. They love the backyardigans so that helps.

Tea for Me, Tea for You
by Laura Rader (illus). (2003 - Ages 4-8)
What begins as a very simple tea for one little pig in elegant Swinings Tea Room quickly becomes a party of two ... then three ... and more and more!
With her bouncy rhymes and bright, energetic illustrations, Laura Rader invites readers on a hilarious romp of a tea party that will have children squealing with delight!

Tea for Ruby
by Sarah The Duchess of York Ferguson with Robin Preiss Glasser (illus). (September 2008 - Ages 4-8)
That Ruby! Wherever she goes, table cloths accidentally pull dishes to the floor, flowers get trampled and spaghetti somehow end up in her hair. You can't take Ruby anywhere! One sunny morning, the postman brings Ruby an amazing invitation to have tea with -- the Queen! Ruby had better polish her manners and quickly. Will Ruby really be ready in time?
Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Robin Preiss Glasser know a thing or two about the importance of manners and poise and being ladylike. In Tea For Ruby, they have created the irrepressible Ruby, whose antics and foibles with touch readers' hearts as she tries her very best to do things correctly. In the end, she knows she is loved for who she is, and that she will always be a princess, royal or not!

Tea for Ten
by Lena Anderson (illus) and Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard (translator).
Lonely little Hedgehog sits at her kitchen table in a pink dress with prickles poking out here and there, ready for company.
It would be awfully nice,
it would be a lot of fun,
if her friends stopped by.
Then she wouldn't be just
Luckily Hedgehog doesn't have long to wait. Pretty soon, Uncle Will shows up and makes TWO. Then along comes Elephant: "Count me, then we'll be THREE." One by one, her good friend Duck, a sad little teddy bear, a zealously leaping frog, an exuberant pig, a tip-toeing baby in a puppy-ear hat, Alexandersson the Brazilian monkey, and a small black cat bring the tea party total to 10. The motley crew, with their charmingly mismatched teacups and assorted accoutrements (Elephant carries a pacifier on a ribbon, Alexandersson brings his own banana), once assembled, wave bye-bye to the reader and take off for the movies.

Tea for Two (Paddywhack Lane)
by Bob Fuller. (2007 - Ages 4-8)
Lauren and Courtney are having trouble sharing, so they divide their room in half and split their toys—Lauren takes the brushes and Courtney takes the paints; Lauren takes the stools and Courtney takes the table—all so they won’t have to share! But the sisters soon realize that it isn’t fun to play alone. Come share a cup of tea with two sisters as they learn that in order “to live life to the fullest, share every last drop of it with your friends!”

Tea Party Today: Poems to Sip And Savor
by Eileen Spinelli with Karen Dugan (illus). (2006 Ages 4-8)
PreSchool-Grade 3-As long as tea parties continue to appeal-and they do-there will be an audience for pleasant books such as this. Sturdy poems with strong rhythms by a sure hand examine the many possibilities of these social occasions. Two of the liveliest and noisiest, "What's That Racket?" (".../Pigs oink/Dogs bark-/Time for tea/On Noah's ark") and "Kitchen Music" ("Pots clank./Glasses clink./Water gurgles/In the sink..."), have mostly two words per line. Word choices are usually simple enough to be within the capabilities of young readers. Short lines and repetition allow for quick memorization. Although the subjects, from honey to herbal teas to teddy-bear picnics, are lighthearted, the rhymes are never trite. Brightly clothed, happy children romp through sunlit watercolor pages, paying homage to diversity-of culture, race, gender, and age-in a jolly, upscale greeting-card style. Even the fish are smiling. The full- or double-page illustrations are well designed to reflect the content of the poems. A variety of teapots are used as a motif throughout the book. While perhaps not a necessary purchase, this title will make an enjoyable extra for storyhour programs as well as young party planners and their parents. Sally Margolis, Barton Public Library, VT

Tea Y Tomi Se Van De Paseo/Tea and Tomi Go for a Walk
by Ian Beck. (2000 - Baby-Preschool) (bilingual)

Tiger Who Came to Tea, The
by Judith Kerr. (2008 - Ages 4-8)
'Near perfection of form is embellished by clear, expressive illustrations. The pace is exactly right, the resolution totally satisfying.' Dorothy Butler, Babies Need Books. 'A modern classic.' The Independent. 'This book has enduring charm and young children will delight in the preposterous notion of a tiger creating mayhem in the house.' Junior Magazine Praise for 'Mog the Forgetful Cat': 'Grandparents are likely to get as much fun out of seeing it again as the new generation of fans just learning to read!' Choice Magazine Praise for Goodbye Mog: 'Kerr's warmth, humour and honesty make this an engaging introduction to a difficult topic.' Financial Times 'Believable, amusing and moving.' Nursery World 'A supremely sensitive story.' The Times

Tinker Bell's Tea Party (Disney Fairies)
by Lara Bergen and A. Picksey with Disney Storybook Artists (illus). (2008 - Ages 4-8)
No one throws a better tea party than the fairies of Pixie Hollow! Join Tinker Bell and her friends as they set about preparing for the perfect fairy tea party. All of Pixie Hollow pitches in: from the garden-talent fairies to the baking-talent fairies, every talent group has lots to do to make this the best tea party the fairies have ever had! This charming picture book, with its delightful illustrations and sweet story, offers readers a glimpse into the intricacies and whimsy of fairy life--and includes plenty of tips from the fairies for planning your very own fairy tea party!

A Weave Of Words
by Robert D. San Souci with Raul Colon (illus). (1998 - Ages 4-8)
A reworking of Armenian folktales in which a lazy prince learns to read, write, and weave to win his love only to have these very talents later save him from a three-headed monster.


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Darjeeling Tea-Leaves: Poems
by Norby Nayar.

Candor, humour, sympathy, grace and fluidity characterize the poems of Darjeeling Tea-leaves. They touch the essential pulse of the reader in nuances of sensations, feelings, thoughts, ideas and gently propel him or her into reflection on situations, people, animals and things with which we share this earth. This book is for men and women of all years and nations who share one of the most satisfactory earthly relationships in their love for literature and the arts in a world of beauty, crudity, absurdity, compassion and cruelty.

At tea in the mortuary: Poems and tales by Stanley McNail (1991).

Beautiful, The: Collected Poems.(Book Review): An article from: Radical Teacher
by Merri Lisa Johnson. (2005)
This digital document is an article from Radical Teacher, published by Thomson Gale on June 22, 2005. The length of the article is 773 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon.com Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Black Bread and Tea (Poems)
by Archangel Books. (1978)

Book of Tea and Herbs: Appreciating the Varietals and Virtues of Fine Tea and Herbs, The
c1993 by the Republic of Tea, published by the Cole Group, Santa Rosa, CA.

Classic of Tea: Origins & Rituals, The
by Yu Lu, Lu Yu with Demi (illus) and Francis Ross Carpenter (translator).
Written in the eighth century, this fascinating book looks at the intricacies involved in brewing tea, describing precisely how the perfect tea should be made: from the size of the water gatherer to the height from which water is boiled above the fire. Beautiful line drawings show the various components that go into the making of perfect tea.

Coffee, Tea or Me (Serving With Pride) & Inspirations from the Soul (Poems from the Heart
by Veronica R. Edmiston. (2003)
Ronnie is a woman serving her country and trying to find the American dream. She is enlisted and trying to find the right paths to successfulness within the depths of the Army. She is dedicated to the service but is looking for love in all the wrong places. She is finding new friends and sharing hardships in both her military and personal life. She is finding it hard to be in a man’s world nevertheless working through the stereotypes. She strives to be the best mother and wife that she can be. She must make a hard decision to stay in or get out to raise her family. Will the love she found be enough to sustain her military career and marriage?

The poetry is poems that she had written from the heart as inspiration to herself and others during times of happiness and sadness. This is Ronnie’s story from the beginning of her service days to where she is today proudly serving her country.

Darjeeling Tea-Leaves: poems
by Norby Nayar. (August House - 2006)
Candour, humour, sympathy, grace, fluidity characterise the poems of Darjeeling Tea-leaves. They touch the essential or thinner pulse of the reader in nuances of sensations, feelings, thoughts, ideas and gently propel him or her into reflection on situations, people, animals and things with which we share this earth. This book is for men and women of all years and nations who share one of the most satisfactory earthly relationships in their love for literature and the arts in a world of beauty, crudity, absurdity, compassion and cruelty.

Devil's Tea-Table And Other Poems, The (1898)
by Lu B. Cake. (2007)

English Breakfast Murder, The (A Tea Shop Mystery)
by Laura Childs. (2003)
It is a truly exhilarating experience for Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning-helping Charleston's Sea Turtle Protection League shepherd hundreds of tiny green loggerheads safely into the sea. But just as she's about to celebrate all her hard work, she spots a dead body bobbing in the waves. Now it's up to Theo to get to the bottom of the murder before the culprit's greed stirs him to kill again.

Faith Tea and Other Poems
by Pauline Kirk, published by Church of St. Edward the Confessor. (2006)

Girl Who Turned into Tea: Poems of Minako Nagashima, The
by Minako Hagashima. (2000)

Glass of Green Tea-With Honig, A
by Susan Brown and Thomas Epstein (1994).

Mountain Tea and Other Poems
by Peter Van Toorn (1984).

Musings and Men - A Collection of Original Tea Poetry (Earlene Grey Poems, No. 2)
by Earlene Grey. (2004)
Book Description
One of 3 poetry books about tea with Victorian images. These books are small but stunning. 4 1/8 wide by 5 ½ high printed on very heavyweight metallic paper stock. Inside each cover is a beautiful, floral, sheer paper through which you can view the title page. Very pretty and meaningful poetry. Youll want them all!
Musings with a Cuppa': A Collection of Original Tea Poetry (Earlene Grey Poems, No. 1)
Musings for the Quiet Person - A Collection of Original Tea Poetry (Earlene Grey Poems, No. 3)

Tall tales for tea: A hand made creation of story poems
by Orie Vance Garletts. (1969)

Tea & Poems
by Christopher Scott Norman (2008)
Christopher Scott Norman was born in Montclair, New Jersey, in 1963. In 1978, he moved with his parents to Florida and finished high school there. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University and received a BA in humanities in 1991. Christopher married in 1992 and later had two daughters. He enjoys eastern philosophy, and has had many experiences in meditation, which led him to write poems and philosophies since he was a teenager. Considering himself a truth seeker, he mostly follows his inner path and not outside sources.

Tea Party Book, The
by Lucille Recht Penner. (1993 - Ages 4-8)
It has menus, recipes, decorations and favors to make but no poems. It might give you some ideas for your party.
Illus. in full color. Little girls will be inspired to have tea parties with this guide to the art of the tea party. Brimming with simple menus, kid-pleasing recipes, and lovely decoration and favor ideas, each party has a theme--from valentine and teddy-bear teas to rainy-day and garden teas.

Tea Party Today: Poems to Sip And Savor
by Eileen Spinelli and Karen Dugan. (2006 - Ages 4-8)
Ages 6-8. This suite of poems uses tea and teatime for a number of cozy and engaging reflections: "tea for one" in a window seat; peppermint tea by the fireside on a stormy night; tea with teddy bears or by the seashore. Each verse has an accompanying full-or double-page illustration, and below each is a "Teatime tip," such as having a "Noah's tea," where friends bring stuffed animals, or that "sometimes the best thing to give a grouch at teatime is a hug." The illustrations are extremely charming. There are comfortable interiors with a cast of ethnically diverse children; there are dreamy seascapes and fairy tale flowers; and everywhere there's an array of teapots and teacups in candy colors. The images are apt and polished: "The kettle is cozied / by lemony sun . . . Brown sugar beach is soft and sweet / This day is good enough to eat." Deeply cheerful. GraceAnne A. DeCandido.

Tea With Miss Stockport: 24 Poems (Abelard Poets)
by Martin Seymour-Smith. (1963)


Butterfly with your purple wings
Look at all your tea party things
They are purple and lilac too
Pretty purple just like […]

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Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!
~Author Unknown

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There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

• Afternoon Tea Party

• Anthology of Tea Poems

• Garden Party Teas

• Important dates in the history of tea and two legends as well.

• Tea Party Diva

• Tea Party Diva: Kids Tea Party Poems, Rhymes, Songs

• Tea Poems, Sayings & Quotes

• Tea Poems and Quotations from the Parlor


I always fear that creation will expire before teatime.
~Sidney Smith

1) I told the poem A Cup of Christmas Tea ( http://www.atthewell.com/christmas/tea/ ) two years ago at a Christmas luncheon for senior citizens. It was very well received. I was able to learn it in an afternoon while I was decorating my house for Christmas. It really is a wonderful piece of poetry. The key for me was to take one stanza at a time, learn it, then go onto the next. Only when I could repeat the first two without hesitation did I move on to the third...and so on. It made it much easier to break it down stanza by stanza instead of being overwhelmed by the whole piece. As for other tea stories, the only thing that came to mind was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Signet Classics).
( http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rgs/alice-VII.html )
Is this tea party for children? Adults? Perhaps if you can't find a suitable "tea story" you can use some background information on the history of tea and interweave stories from those cultures. Maybe you could also talk about the artistry behind the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

2) Here is an interesting link for you to look at, maybe some ideas will start brewing.
A Brief History of Tea
Comment: St. Louis storyteller/poet Jeff Miller suggests learning the last stanza first, then keep adding backwards -- that assures a strong, confident ending. I don't do many poems either, but that does help me on the rare occasions when I stretch to a poem.

3) Then there is the history behind the Boston Tea Party. Now like any good New Englander I need to go and make some tea.

4) I tell Jay O'Callohan's Orange Cheeks (with his permission), emphasizing that the grandmother and grandson enjoy having tea together. I say the little boy loves it so much because while they're sipping tea and eating banana nut bread, she tells him stories from her childhood. "And his favorite one is......" I then interject a brief story my mother used to tell me about HER childhood. Does that qualify as a "tea" story? One could actually weave two or three family vignettes into such a format. At the end, I always say that it is "based on a story by...etc.)

5) In Tales of a Korean Grandmother (Tut Books. L) (I think), there's a brief story about a general who comes rushing up to a town well, very thirsty. He's hot and red in the face and the young girl at the well immediately gets him a big ladle full of water-- and puts some twigs and bark on top. he can't gulp it like he wanted to, and is forced to drink it slowly. when he's done he asks the girl why she put stuff in his water, and she said it was because if he had gulped it it would have been bad for him (serious dehydration needs slow watering, right?)... he is so impressed by her wisdom he marries her. Not *exactly* tea, but close.
Comment: This is in A Weave Of Words or the story of Anait, too, with water, not tea - story has roots in Armenia. In it, Anait keeps spilling the water demanded by the disguised prince - she gives it to him eventually when he has cooled down enough to take it without it making him have stomach cramps.

6) Below are notes I took from a library book, with the thought of sometime using tea as a theme for a women's group. Never did it, but the idea is still there.

In my family, tea was very much part of everyday life. Tea with milk and sugar, of course, my mother being English. We got a "real" teacup for our 12th birthday, a bone china cup with saucer, because at 12 we were allowed to have tea when the grownups did. (My sister Judy still has her cup. Like most of my childhood possessions, mine bit the dust long ago. Some of my other 7 sisters may also still have theirs) After school each day we would sit with Mom and drink tea and talk about the day. Mornings always started with tea, and we had tea with dinner. Usually just Lipton's, but once in a while my granny would send Mom real English tea and that was a treat.

Dad always took a thermos of tea to work with him. In winter, Mom would add a jigger of brandy to "warm him up." I bet it did! She said the heat of the tea in the thermos removed the alcohol from the brandy. I wonder.... When we were sick, we would get tea with a little brandy in it too, to help us sleep. And tea was the cure-all for all emotional hurts and ailments. Mom would say, "let's make a cup of tea, dear, and you can tell me all about it." It wasn't me she was talking to usually, since I tended to keep my troubles to myself, but I was often present at such talks with other sisters.

Nowadays I still start most days with a cup of tea with milk and sugar, usually Earl Grey. My grandchildren love to have "milk tea" when they come to visit, and my oldest son insists on tea each morning when he comes to visit. Tea has to be made in a pot, of course, and the water boiling when it's poured over the tea to make it steep right.

7) And here are my tea notes:
Tea Time Notes
From The Book of Tea and Herbs: Appreciating the Varietals and Virtues of Fine Tea and Herbs c1993 by the Republic of Tea, published by the Cole Group, Santa Rosa, CA.
· All tea comes from the same plant: Camellia sinensis, related to the flowering camellia.
· Soil, climate, elevation, time of harvest and weather all affect the character of the tea leaves of each plant.
· Tea comes originally from China, Tibet, and northern India. They tried to grow it in South Carolina for a while, but too expensive. Now most comes from Ceylon, China, Formosa, Japan and India.
· Black tea is processed by withering to remove moisture, rolling the leaf to break apart the cells so that enzymes are released, then fermenting to change the chemical structure of the leaf which allows the desired flavors to emerge, and finally firing, which turns them black and preserves the flavor.
· Green tea is processed by panfiring or steaming as soon as the leaves are picked, rolling, firing to dry.
· Pekoe means "white hair" in Chinese, which describes the downy tips of young buds. Orange pekoe refers not to color or taste but to the Dutch House of Orange, a reference to nobility
Book Description
This accessible, copiously illustrated handbook becons the reader to journey from the tea gardens of Asia to the tea rooms of Europe and North America, sampling the finest full-leaf teas along the way. It's the only concise chronicle to the joys of both teas and herbal beverages...with comprehensive listings of tea varieties and herb types. The Book of Tea and Herbs is everyone's guide to an enlightening and pleasurable quest through that most ancient, and most contemporary, world of the magical and soothing beverage called Tea.

8) Most tea drinking nation: Ireland, then UK, then Turkey! US not even in top ten.

9) The Clipper ship was America's contribution to tea. Speed.

10) Tea-related expressions:
· Nice old cup of tea-dear person
· Let the tea steep-let it rest; forget it
· Not for all the tea in China: not at any price
· Nor my cup of tea: not for me; doesn't suit my tastes
· Tempest in a Teapot: Much ado about nothing
· That's another cup of tea: that's another thing altogether

11) How to read tea leaves:
1. Make a pot of tea with loose tea-don't use a strainer.
2. Pour the hot tea into a china teacup with a white china interior
3. Drink the tea, one sip at a time.
4. Swirl the tea that's left in the cup. Some people say to swirl three times in the direction away from yourself.
5. Turn the cup upside down into it's saucer.
6. The tea-leaf reader should be the one to pick up the cup, to read the leaves that remain in the cup.

What the leaves mean:
· Leaves near the rim are about the near future.
· Leaves farther down are about the more distant future, those in the bottom the very far-off future.
· The handle represents the person whose tea leaves are being read. The relationship of the handle to the leaves is important..
· First impressions are important, suggesting an answer to the question the subject was thinking about while drinking the tea.
· A lot of leaves in the cup means a full, rich life. One leaf on the side means a stranger is coming.

12) I realised that I put the wrong name of the company for Throat Coat tea, and I really like this product so I thought I would resend it. It is by Traditional Medicinals, website is
If you put Throat Coat into search on site you can read all about it. And I just noticed on the site they now have Lemon Eccanechia Throat Coat. I use the throat coat during the gig... sometimes not even sick, it just eases the throat - slippery elm, a long known throat soother by Native Americans. If I am feeling raspy, I start sipping it on the way to the gig and then during. It can take voice from raspy to pretty clear in not too long and makes throat feel better too. They also make a number of other herbal medician teas and all the ones I have tried -Breathe Easy, Gypsy Cold Care, Ginger aid, etc -work pretty well.

13) Golden Moon Tea

Golden Moon Tea was founded in 1993 with the belief that tea is so much more than just a healthy, refreshing, good tasting drink.

We believe that, unlike other drinks, tea has a rich history and a total culture that includes serenity, a sense of well being and even a culture of tea preparation.

Golden Moon is dedicated to offering outstanding, whole-leaf teas of the greatest quality and finesse. Whole-leaf varietals retain the subtle nuances of flavor so prized by discriminating palates throughout the centuries. All Golden Moon Teas are hand-plucked and meticulously crafted to enhance leaf character, aroma, color, clarity, body, complexity, and above all, flavor.

More about the site can be found at:

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