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Advice, comments and references from
Storytellers, Teachers and Librarians

Advice, Comments and References from Storytellers, Teachers and Librarians

(excerpts from Storytell posts plus original research)

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To retell any stories, get permission from the copyright holder if the materials is not in the public domain.
In performance, always credit your sources.
Posts are added chronologically as they are received by Story Lovers World.

1) The Chinese story The Magic Brush Ma Liang (Masterpieces of Chinese Children's Literature: Chinese/English edition)

2) The Rough-Face Girl (the Indian Cinderella) by Rafe Martin.

3) Two stories in The Moral of the Story Folktales for Character Development Latest Edition by Bobby & Sherry Norfolk: "Vulture Learns the Laws of Nature" and "Anansi and the Pot of Beans."

4) The Empty Pot (An Owlet Book) by Demi.

5) "The Man with the Wen," a Japanese tale in Alan Chinen's first book, In the Ever After: Fairy Tales and the Second Half of Life, p. 75.

6) "The Czar has Goat Ears" (depending on how you end it), Tiger's Whisker and Other Tales and Legends from Asia, "Who will Fill the House?" and "A Single Grain of Rice," a Buddhist tale.

7) "How the Brazilian Beetle got its Gorgeous Coat" -- aka "Paca & Beetle" in Heather Forrest's Wisdom Tales from Around the World (World Storytelling).

"The Giant Caterpillar" (in 1970's collections Tatterhood and Other Tales, and Skull in the Snow and Other Folktales).

Nasrudin's clothes ("Feeding the Coat"). A great updated version appears in Jay Stailey's Think Rather of Zebra; Dealing with Aspects of Poverty Through Story. Note: this is from the POV of the person who is being treated disrespectfully!

10) Point of View in Anne Pellowski's The Storytelling Handbook: A Young People's Collection of Unusual Tales and Helpful Hints on How to Tell Them.

"Baby Rattlesnake" ("Teata," as retold by Lynn Moroney -- and recently in MRM's Shake-It-Up Tales!).

One story is The Gift of Insults. You can find it here:
"Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors"

13) You might want to look at the other stories on the main page as well.
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors

These stories explore respect, responsibility and tolerance.
The Chinese Mirror (Korea) If we see only part of the story, we don't have a clear understanding of the total story.

A Thorn in the King's Foot: Folktales of the Scottish Travelling People (Penguin Folklore Library) (Scotland) - King rejects hunchback son and eventually the son comes forward to save his father.

The King's Falcon
"The Missing Axe" (China)
"One Small Bird" (India)

"The Five Blind Men and the Elephant."

16) I just did a program on Respect for a school. Here's what I used. I know that not all of them apply to what you are doing, but perhaps you can tweak them for your purpose.

Respect: Self, Others, Environment, Property

"Why The Sky is Far Away" - Respect for the Earth: Sustainable Development (Reith Lecture), Nigerian.
"The Parts of the House Argue" - Philippine folktale,
Wisdom Tales.
"Nasrudin Feeding his Clothes" - pg 60,
Wisdom Tales- Heather Forest, Middle East.
"Secret Heart of the Tree,"
The Moral of the Story - Bobby & Sherry Norfolk, pg 67, African.
"White Cat of the Mountains," Norwegian/Swedish.
"The Three Wishes,"
Wisdom Tales pg 111, English - sausage on nose.
"Old Dog & Coyote,"
Wisdom Tales, pg 129, Mexico - elders.
"Paca & Beetle,"
Wisdom Tales pg 131, Brazil, tortoise & hare variation.
Anansi and the Moss-covered Rock (picture book, Eric Kimmel), Africa.
"Frog's Tail," creation story, gathered from Storytell.
"Lion-makers" (with all due respect), India, Best Loved Stories: Told at the National Storytelling Festival.
"The Stolen Axe,"
Wisdom Tales pg 30 - judging by appearance.
"The Wooden Bowl,"
Wisdom Tales, pg 114, German - elders.

Leanne J. 4/1/06

Created 2003; last update 2/26/10

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