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Whenever you're searching for a particular story or category of stories, this Story Lovers World web page is the first place to look. Be sure to add it to your bookmarks right now so that you may return to it time after time with a minimum of effort.

This unique, comprehensive and free archive has been growing for the past 12 years. It contains references to hundreds of categories and thousands of stories, suggested by professional storytellers, librarians, healers, environmentalists and teachers from all around the world. You'll find full stories, abridged stories, book references, and descriptions of actual experiences and helpfpul hints in telling these tales.

Recently, for your convenience, Story Lovers World has been adding thematic links in each category to specific books for all ages, Kindle books, DVDs, music CDs, spoken word CDs, toys, games, classroom activities and celebrations, artwork and supplies, jewelry and online links to more stories and information.

All of the lists are categorized for easy navigation. When you find the category or story you're looking for, simply click on it and immediately you will access the information you need.

Story Lovers World also offers vintage greeting cards, stationery products, Bare Bones books, storytelling calendars, postcards and notepads. It features stories and rare illustrations / artwork by the world's finest artists from the early 20th century. It's a one-of-a-kind website!

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Stories for Kids, Adults and Seniors - stories to tell each group
Young children
Stories by Age Group
Stories by Grade Level

REMAINING CATEGORIES LISTED ALPHABETICALLY (click on your choice or scroll down)

2) Animals, Birds, Amphibians, Fish and Insects stories, folklore and facts
3) Around the World stories and folklore — listed by country and region
4) Collections and Anthologies
5) Food Stories
6) Holidays/Seasons/Special Events Stories

7) How to Contact People – websites
8) Stories, Books and Info about Stories and Storytelling

9) General Categories (completely revised and reorganized))
....Arts: Art, music, crafts, dance, draw and tell, cut and tell
....Bible; Religion
....Emotions: Stories Involving Human Emotions
....High Tech Info
....The Human Condition: events, celebrations, rituals, situations
....Stories, specific by name of story or category
....Stories / Books, by name of author
....Stories, specific by subject or type

10) Great Websites of interest to all storytellers (be sure to check this out!)

(compiled by Batsy Bybell, March 2001, reprinted here at her request)

The set of 23 books called The Enchanted World published by Time-Life Books in the 1980s has been almost impossible to use as a reference tool, due to the lack of any index. Only a good memory made it possible to find anything within them. This list isn’t meant to be a complete index, but it’s a start for those wishing to search for particular information. Since I’m both a storyteller and a librarian, the emphasis is on stories, legends, and lore.
Batsy Bybell


Stories for Kids (listed by age group or subject), Adults and Seniors – stories to tell
each group

Young Children:
..Animal Stories for very young children
...Audience Participation Stories/Activities (also Participation Stories)
...Ballerina Stories
...Christian Stories for Children
Death Stories; helping children understand and deal with death
...Drawing or Draw and Tell Stories
...Easy-To-Tell Stories
...Elder Stories, Telling to and About; also Alzheimer's info
...Epic Stories
...Gross and Disgusting Stories
...Interactive Stories

...Kindergarteners, Stories for
...Multicultural Stories
...Nursery Rhymes
Participation Stories/Activities (see also Audience Participation Stories)
...Picture Books for Ages 4-6
...Play is Not a Four-Letter Word
...Riddle Stories
...Short, Short Stories (and Preschool)
...Storytime Warmups and Story Stretchers
...Storytelling Activities
...Teddy Bear Stories
...Tiny Tot Stories
...Walk in the Woods (non-scary)

Stories by age groups:

..3 to 5 year olds
...5 to 8 year olds
...9 to 12 year olds
...High School Students
Teenagers "Mr. Fox in the Classroom"
...Young Adults

Stories by grade level:

...Sixth Grade Stories (9-11 year olds)
...Seventh-Eighth Grade Stories (ages 11-14)

Baby Stories – Funny stories for a baby shower
Children at Risk
Children Telling Stories (teaching children to tell stories)
Children: Telling Stories to Kids with Disabilities
Christian Stories for Children
Scout Stories (appropriate to tell this group)

Stories—Simplest Stories for Student Tellers
Stories — Stories for Seniors; also, Holiday Stories for Seniors
Storytelling for Parents
Storytelling in Classrooms
Tongue Twisters

stories, folklore and facts

Albatross Stories & Lore
Animal Stories

Animal Transformation Stories - Shapeshifting
Animal Conservation Stories
Bat Stories, Lore and Facts
Bears - Teddy Bears - Stories, Rhymes, Songs, Poems, etc.
Bear Stories (including Riley's Bear)
Bee Stories
Bird Stories, Lore and Facts (see also Hummingbird Stories & Lore)
Bug Stories
Butterfly Stories, Lore and Facts
Camel Stories (see also: Animal Stories), Lore and Facts
Cat Stories
Chicken Stories, Lore and Facts
Cockroach Stories, Lore and Facts
Coyote Stories, Lore and Facts
Crow Stories
Dinosaur Stories, Folklore, Legends and Facts
Dog Lyrics
Dog Stories
Dragon Stories
Elephant Stories
Feathers Stories
Fish Stories
Fox Stories (including Mr. Fox in the Classroom)
Frog Stories, Lore and Facts (including Wide Mouth Frog & Frog and Scorpion)
Hares, Three - Symbol
Horse Stories, Lore and Facts
Hummingbird Stories & Lore
Insects Stories - Miscellaneous (bees, hornets, mosquitoes, etc.; see also each insect)
Lion Stories & Folklore (includes Lion and Lamb stories)
Magic Animal Stories
Monkey Stories
Mosquito Stories
Mousedeer - Sang Kancil
Mouse Stories, Lore and Facts
Octopus Stories and Facts (see also: Animal Stories)
Owl Stories, Lore and Facts
Otter Stories
Parrot's Prayer
'Possum Stories (see also Animal Stories)
Puppy Tail Rhymes
Rabbit Stories & Folklore
Raptor Stories
Rats Stories & Lore
Rattlesnake Stories (see also: Animal Stories)
Raven Stories (see also Animal/Bird Stories for other stories)
Scorpion Stories (including Scorpion and Frog "It's My Nature!")
Shark Stories (see also Hawaiian Stories)
Skunk's Message
Snail Stories, Lore and Facts
Snake Stories — Facts, Myths, General Information
Sounds of the World's Animals
Spider Stories, Lore and Facts
Squirrel Stories
Stink Bugs

Talking Animal and Talking Skulls and Talking Humans Stories
Tiger - Strawberry - Zen Story
Tiger Stories
Tiger's Whisker Story (also Lion's Whisker, etc.)
Turtle Stories
Uncle Remus Stories
Werewolf Stories, Lore and Facts
Whale Stories, Folklore and Facts
Wolf Stories
Wolf I Feed Story
Worm Stories
Wren Stories
Zoo Stories


3) AROUND THE WORLD – Stories and Folklore
Listed by Country or Region

Afghanistan Stories
African Stories
African (West) Stories
African American Stories for Young Children
Akbar Birbal
Albania - Albanian Folktales and Legends
American Folklore
Alaskan Stories
Ancient World Stories
Appalachian Project Stories
Arab Stories
Arctic Stories
Argentinian Stories & Folklore
Armenian Stories
Asia (Central) Stories
Asian Love Stories
Asian Stories (see also Chinese Stories, Japanese Stories, Tibetan Stories)
Asian Tales and Tellers — Stories From Asia
Assyrians / Sumerians
Australian Stories

Belize Stories (see also: Mayan Stories)
Blackfoot Indian Stories & Lore
Buddhist Stories
Bulgaria - Bulgarian - Stories & Folklore
Burma - Burmese Stories & Folklore
Bushmen of the Kalahari Stories & Lore
California Gold Rush
Cambodian Folklore and Stories

Celtic Stories (see also Irish Stories)
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Chile Stories
Chinese Stories
Croatian Folklore and Stories
Cuban Folklore
Czech, Moravian & Slovak Stories
Egyptian Stories
Elizabethan Storytellers
Europe of Tales, A
Finnish Stories (see also Kalevala Folklore and Stories and Scandanavian Stories)
Florida Stories and Information
German - Germany Stories
Haitian Stories

Hanukkah Stories
Hawaiian Stories (also stories from the South Pacific) (see also Shark Stories and Octopus Stories)
Hodja Stories (from Middle East)
Icelandic Stories
India Stories
Iraq Stories
Irish Blessings
Irish Stories (see also Celtic Stories) (Irish Stories include leprechauns & St. Patrick's Day)
Japanese Stories (also Japanese animation/anime)
Jewish Stories
Kalevala Folklore and Stories (see also Finnish Stories and Scandanavian Stories)
Kazakhstan Stories & Folklore
Korean Stories
Ladahki Stories and Folklore
Laos Stories & Folklore
Latin American Stories, Folklore & Anthologies
Mayan Stories (see also Belize Stories)
Mexican Stories (Mexico & Mexican-American)
Mesclaman Sources
Miami Stories
Middle East Stories and Lore
Mississippi River, Life on the Mississippi
Mongolian Stories
Multicultural Stories
Native American Stories (see also Stars, Moon & Sky Stories)
Nepal - Nepalese Stories
Nigerian Stories
Ojibway Indian Stories (Adventures of Nanabush)
Ozark Stories
Panchatantra Stories
Persian Stories
Pima Indian Legends
Portuguese Stories
Romanian Stories and Folklore
Russian Stories and Folklore
Scandanavian Stories (see also Swedish Stories)
Scottish Stories
Singapore Stories
Siberia - Siberian Stories & Folklore
Sioux Indians Stories & Folklore

Slovak Stories
South American Stories (see Chile Stories)
South Pacific Stories (also stories from Hawaii)
Spanish Stories (Stories from Spain)
Sufi Stories (see also Zen-Sufi Stories)
Sumerians / Assyrians
Swedish Stories (see also Scandanavian Stories)
Thailand Stories and Folklore
Tibetan Folklore
Turkish Folklore and Stories
Ukraine Stories
United States - Colonial Times
Vietnamese Stories

Welsh - Wales - Stories
Yugur Stories
Zen-Sufi Stories (see also Sufi Stories)


Aesop's Fables
Ancient World, Stories from (also listed as Stories from the Ancient World)
Andersen, Hans Christian Stories
Andrew Lang Colored Fairy Tale Books
Best-Loved Stories Told at the National Storytelling Festival
Beowulf Sources
Bible Stories
Earth Tales From Around the World
East O' the Sun, West O' the Moon Stories
Fairy Tale Anthologies for Children
Folktales of All Nations
Greco-Roman Mythology/Classics: Teaching in the Classroom
Jack Tales
Lang, Andrew Colored Fairy Tale Books
Old World Folktales
"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" resources
Worldwide Folklore and Mythology


Apple Stories
Chocolate Stories
Coffee Stories
Egg Stories
Food Stories
Fruit Stories
Healthy Eating Stories (also Picky Eating Stories)
Herb Folklore, History and Facts
Honey Stories
Jellybean Stories
Johnny Appleseed
"Onions & Garlic" Variations
Peach Stories, including Peach Boy
Pie Stories
Recipes and Stories
Salt Stories
Scary Food Stories to Tell Aloud
Strawberry - Tiger - Zen Story
Sugar Stories
Tea Stories and Poems
Turnips, Carved
Wine, Importance of
Watermelon Stories



Holiday Resources
Babushka and the Three Wise Men
Campfire Stories
Christmas Quotes and Greetings (in various languages)
Christmas Stories (Santa Express included)
...Santa Claus Stories
Easter Stories
Egg Stories (Easter)
Father's Day Stories
Patriotic Stories (also 4th of July)
Halloween Crafts and Games
a) Ghost Stories on the Sea
b) Spooks and Spectres Stories
Hanukkah Stories
Kwanzaa Stories
Lent Stories
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mother's Day Stories
New Year's Stories
Rosh Hashana Stories
Springtime Stories
Thanksgiving Stories
Valentine's Day Stories
Winter - Winter Solstice Stories
Yom Kippur Stories


Bruchac, Joseph website (also Jim Bruchac)
Eldrbarry website
Chinen, Allan
Finding Storytellers
Haven, Kendall
Kanegis, Bob
Keding, Dan
Kovalik, Susan & Associates
MacDonald, Margaret Read
Marsh, Richard website

Otto, Steve
Parent, Michael
Pearmain, Elisa website
Regan-Blake, Connie website and other info
Shepard, Aaron website
Sheppard, Tim website



Bibliography Core for Storytelling/Storytellers
Books of Interest, Miscellaneous
Books on Folklore: Where to Buy
Books on Writing and using storytelling techniques to teach writing
Closings for Storytellers (see also Openings)
Coaching/Teaching Books and Sources
Cross-Culturual Telling
Education and Storytelling

Enchanted World (Time-Life) Index
Fairy Tale Reference Sources
Fees - Pricing for Storytellers
Finding Storytellers

Folktale Types
History of Storytelling

Improv for Storytellers
Learning Stories - Different Methods
Learning Through Storytelling

Librarians' list of subjects they would like to cover in a storytelling workshop
Libraries, with extensive lists of relevant websites
Library Stories
Miscellaneous Book Titles
Openings for Storytellers (see also Closings)
Pricing for Storytellers (see Fees above)
Props and Storytelling

Sound Systems
Stories About Stories and Storytelling
Story Collections on the Internet
"Storyteller" Names in Other Languages

Storytellers in Literature
Storytelling and Teaching History
Storytelling for Ministers
Storytelling for Parents; Parenting - Discipline Stories
Storytelling, Healing and Transformation
Storytelling in Classrooms (instructional information for storytellers)
Storytelling Segues
Why Storytelling? Which Books?
Writing and Telling Stories, includes Memorization / Memorizing / Memorize


Arts: Art, music, crafts, dance, draw and tell, cut and tell
.Artist Stories
...Artwork, Stories based on Artwork
Ballerina Stories
...Books to Sing and Dance To
...Bracelet Stories
...Cartooning - Animation; Drawing
...Circus Stories
...Cloth Folding - Handkerchief Folding Stories
Dance Stories
...Drawing or Draw-and-Tell Stories
...Folklore and Music
...Harps and Storytelling
Inventors and Inventions Stories
...Knitting Stories
...Learning a New Skill Stories
...Lute Info
Lyrics to Songs Sources
...Music Stories
...Music and Folklore
...Musical Instruments Sources
...Musician-Storytellers Marketing Opportunities
...Natural Dyes Sources and Information
...Paper Folding Stories and Crafts (also Cut and Tell)
...Puppets — Activities, Crafts, Sources, Games, Songs
...Rag Rugs
Song Lyrics Sources
Bible, Religion:
Baby Jesus Stories
...Bible Stories
...Biblical Women
...Ministers' Storytelling
...Rabbi Stories
...Religious Stories (including Christian, Jewish and others)
...Sacred Stories
...Shepherd's Prayer Sources
...Spiritual Stories
...Storytelling for Ministers

Emotions: Stories involving human emotions
Anger Stories
...Character Traits Stories (kindness, patience, caring, courage, self-discipline, etc.)
...Conflict Resolution
...Courage and Hope Stories
...Depression and Recovery Stories
...Difficult Stories
...Fear Stories
Forgiveness Stories
...Generosity Stories
Gratitude Stories
...Greed Stories
...Grief Stories (dealing with loss and grief); also Loss Stories
...Honesty, Friendship and Kindness Stories
...Hope and Courage Stories
...Loss and Grief Stories
...Patience Stories (see also: Tolerance Stories and Respect Stories)
...Perseverance Stories
Respect Stories (see also Tolerance Stories and Patience Stories)
...Responsibility Stories
...Tolerance Stories (see also: Patience Stories and Respect Stories)

High Tech Info:
CD Business Cards
...CDs as Sleep Inducers
CDs, Recording and Promoting
...DVD vs VHS
...Electronic Publishing
mGenerators at Festivals
...GPS system
...High Tech - Misc.
...Mac Pros and Cons
...Palm Devices
...PDF File Info
Sound Systems
...Radio Storytelling Techniques
...Recording Live Performances
. .
Recording Voice Directly Onto Computer
...Showcase Prep
...Tape Recorders / Recording - General Information
Video Samples, Making and Effectiveness
...Website Advice and Design

The Human Condition: events, celebrations, rituals, situations
Abundance Stories
...Adoption Stories
Aging and Death Stories
...Alternative Lifestyles (e.g., gay, lesbian)
...Alzheimer's info, telling to groups and examples
...Birth Stories
Birth / Death Stories
...Birth, New Beginnings Stories
...Bullying Stories
...Change, Stories About
...Cheating Death Stories
...Cooperation Stories
...Couples Stories (see also Valentine's Day stories and Love Stories)
...Death Stories: Helping children understand and deal with death
...Death Stories
...Death and Humor Stories
...Different Perspectives - Stories told from different points of view
...Disability Stories (Hero With a Disability)
...Diversity Stories
...Divorce Stories
...Drinking Stories
...Drug Prevention Stories

Etiquette Stories
...Freedom Stories
...Friendship Stories
...Funeral Stories
...Graduation Stories
...Illness Stories
...Injustice Stories
...Inspirational Stories
...Justice Stories
...Knowledge Stories
...Listening Skills
Love Stories and Love Challenges (see also Valentine's Day Stories)
..."Loss of Sight" Stories; also "Blind"
...Memory Stories
...Menstruation Stories
...Mentally Handicapped - Stories for and about - How to tell for this group
...Opportunity Stories - taken, missed, delayed decisions
...Parenting - Discipline Stories
...Peace Stories and Peace Child Legend
...Power Stories
...Racism / Ageism / Prejudice Stories
Re-Marriage Stories
...Sacrifice Stories
...Scapegoat Stories
...Simplicity Stories
Slavery and Underground Railroad Stories
...Stepmother (Wicked) and Stepfamily Stories and Folklore
...Stress Management Stories
...Substance Abuse Stories
Taxes, Folktales about
..."Temper Tantrum" Stories
...Unity Stories
...Volunteer Stories
...War and Peace Stories
...Wisdom Tales

...Anthropomorphic Maps
Bardic Tradition
...Beer-Ale Stories
Book Titles, Miscellaneous
...Books to Sing and Dance To
...Born Lucky
...Clip Art - Free from Internet
...Clown Stories

...Dolls, Storytelling (Pueblo)
...Elizabethan Storytellers
..."English As She Is Spoke" Source
...Euphemisms for "Stupid"

Fairy Tales and Physics/Time
...Group Participation, Group Singing
Information, Silence and Sanctuary

Library Resources
...Limberjack Doll

. .
Little Black Sambo
Lord of the Rings Websites
...Luck - Born Lucky
...Miracle Stories
,,,Mirror Stories

...Names, Stories about
Original Storytellers
...Panchatantra Stories
...Party Games

...Philosopher's Club Stories
...Pickpocket Stories
Play is Not a Four-Letter Word
...Pogo Sites

...Popcorn Stories
...Quotations and Sources (includes story, storytelling, art and writing)
...Rainforest Stories
.. Rubezahl
...Science Fiction Storytelling
...Shakespeare Info
...Spinning Wheel Information
...Sounds of the World's Animals
...Storytelling Blogs You'll Love!
Storytelling Dolls (Pueblo)
...Storytime Warmups and Story Stretchers
,,,Those Good Ol' Days (memories of the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s)
...Telling to Family Audiences and Tiny Tots
"Three Hares " - as symbol
...TIPS column from Storytelling Magazine by Mary Garrett
...Tongue Twisters
Websites with full text of stories on them,,,

Stories, specific by name of story or category:
."Aaron Kelly" story
..."Babushka and the Three Wise Men"
..."Baby with Wings"
..."(The) Ball Game Between the Birds and Animals"
..."The Barking Mouse" story
"(The) Beautiful Heart" Sources
..."Bird in the Hand" story
"Black Bubblegum" Source
..."Blind Man Catches the Bird"
..."Blind Men and the Elephant" fable and various versions of it
..."Blind" Stories; also "Loss of Sight"
..."Blue Rose" Sources

..."(The) Bridge at San Martin"
..."Cinderella" Stories and Variants
..."Cracked Pot" Story
..."Curse of Kehama"
..."(The) Day It Snowed Tortillas"
"Dame Ragnell" ("Sir Gawain and the Green Knight")
..."Death in a Nut" Story & Sources
..."(The) Difference Between Heaven and Hell"
..."Empty Pot" Sources
..."Epaminondas" or "Epiminondas"
..."Fortunately, Unfortunately' (see also "That's Good, That's Bad")
..."Frankenstein Story" and 2nd Graders (plus otherkids)
..."(The) Freedom Bird" - full text
"French King and Salamander" Sources
..."Funny Baby" Stories (for a baby shower)
..."Fur-Bearing Clams - Trout" Story
..."Girl in a Watermill"
..."God's Porridge"
"Gossip" Stories
..."Granny Gifts" Story - bones
..."Gwinna" - story
..."Headless Horseman" story
"Hedley Kow" story

..."How Disease and Medicine Came Into the World" story
..."How Fire Got Into Sticks and Trees"

..."How Sun Came to Be"
"Hundredth Dove" Source
..."(The) Husband Who Was to Mind the House" - Story and Sources
..."Jack and the Haunted (Hainted) House"
..."Johnny Appleseed"
..."King of Togo Togo"
"Knick-Knack, Hop in My Sack"
..."Learn to Write in the Sand"
..."Legs Down the Chimney"
.. "(The) Little Old Woman Who Hated Housework"
"Mr. Fox in the Classroom"

..."(The) Man Who Married a Mara"
..."(The) Man Who Minded the House"

..."Master of All Masters"
"Me Mate Spider and the Mosquitoes"
..."Mitten" Story
..."Monkey's Paw" Story
..."Necklace of Tears" Story

..."The Noisy House" - several versions
"Not All There" Sayings (see also "Stupid" Sayings)
..."Old Joe and the Carpenter" - story and sources
"Old Man Bucket" Story

..."(The) Old Woman and Her Pig" story
"Old Woman in the Vinegar Bottle" story
..."(The) One I Feed" story
..."Pedlar of Swaffham" Story & Sources

..."Pick-Pocket Baby"
..."Pollution, Polluion" (Tom Lehrer song) #40
"Questions With No Answers"
..."Rainbow People" Stories

..."St. George and the Dragon" (Saint) Sources
"Santa Sombra, the Holy Shadow" Sources
..."Saraswati, the River Goddess" stories and sources
..."Seven" Stories
..."Shade Story" Source
..."(The) Silent Couple" - text
"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" resources
..."Sody Salleratus" Sources
..."Spaghetti Bush" Story Sources
..."Starfish" story
"Stonecutter" Story
..."The Story of the Half Blanket"
"Stone Soup" Stories
..."Story Stone, The" Sources

..."Strega Nona" Sources
..."Stupid" Sayings (how dumb can someone be?) or "Not All There"
..."Talking Pot" Story
..."Tam Lin" Story Sources
..."Teacher's Underwear" Story
..."Terry's Tale" (energy story)
"That's Good, That's Bad" Stories (see also Fortunately, Unfortunately)
..."The Wolf I Feed" story or "The One I Feed" by Vickie Smith
..."The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies" sources
..."The Woodcutter" Story
..."Three Caskets" / Chests Source
..."Three Dolls" (Identical)
"Three Old Women" Stories
..."Three Princes of Serendip" sources
"Three Questions" Story and Sources
..."Three Sillies" story
..."Three Strong Women" Sources
..."Till Ulenspiegel" Stories
..."Tilly" Story Source
..."Tops and Bottoms" sources
..."(The) Tree That Survived the Winter"

..."Trouble in the Bubble" bones
"Twist Mouth Family" Story
..."Two White Horses" Sources
..."Wali Dad, Gifts of"
..."Walk in the Woods" Stories (non-scary)
..."Waltzing With Bears"
..."When the Wind Blows" story
..."Why the Snowflake is White" story

Stories / Books, specific by name of author
Cooke, Alistair
...Farjeon, Eleanor stories
Hurston, Zora Neale stories
...Kaye, Danny—Master of all Masters
.. McCrumb, Sharyn books

...Pyle (Howard) stories
...Shepard, Jean - stories

Stories, specific by subject or type
Angels / Miracles Stories
...Animal Transformation
Archery / Archer Stories
...Armor (Suit of Armor) Stories
...Arthurian Legends
...Baby with Wings
Battle of the Sexes Stories
...Bell Witch Cave
"Big" Stories
...Bingo Stories
...Blacksmith Stories
...Blessings and Blessing Stories
...Boogers, Haints and Salt
...Bridge Stories
...Bundles - Stories
...Bunyan, Paul
Candle Stories
...Changeling Stories (also Charms and Changelings)

...Children as Heroes Stories
Civil War Stories
...Clever Wife / Clever Husband
"Color" Stories
...Community Stories
......Community Development Stories
......Construction and House Stories
......Home Stories, the Importance of Home
......Public Consultation
Stories About Houses
...Cowboy Stories
Creation Stories
...Doll Stories (including Gollywogs)
Dragon Stories
...Drawing or Draw and Tell Stories
...Drum Stories
...Earth Day Stories

...Earth Tales from Around the World
...Ecology Stories
...Elder Stories
...Elders - Wisdom and Non-Wisdom
..."Energy" Stories
Environment Stories (also listsed as Plants, Nature and Ecology Stories)
...Eulenspiegel, Till — Stories
...Eulogy Stories
...Fairies Stories
...Family: Stories to Strengthen the Family
...Fan Stories
...Farting Stories (also Poo-Poo and Wee-Wee)
...Fathers and Children Stories
...Feet and Toes Stories
..."Fire" Stories
...Fisherman Stories
Five Senses Stories
..."Flight" Stories
...Flood Stories (see also Water Stories, Water and Women Stories, Ocean Stories)
...Flowers and Plants
...Flowers: Meanings and Legends
...Funniest Stories
...Gap-Toothed Women
...Garden Stories
...Giant Stories
...Gifts and Gift Giving Stories
...Gifts of Wali Dad
...Gingerbread/Peanut Boy Stories
...Gold Rush, California stories
...Grandparent Stories
...Grateful Dead Stories
...Group Singing, Group Participation
Gypsy Stories & Lore & History
...Harvest Stories
...Hat Stories
...Harvest Stories

...Heirloom Stories
...Hero With a Disability Stories
...Hidden Talents / Skills Stories
Historical Stories, Recorded
...Hodja Stories
...Holocaust Stories
...Home Stories, the Importance of Home
...Humorous Stories
...Hundred Years Stories
...If the Shoe Fits ... stories
...Imagination Stories
...Island Stories
Jack Tales
...Jazzy Stories
...Jellybean Stories
...Jellyfish Stories
...Journalist Stories
...Jump Tales
...Jungle Stories
...Kalevala National Epic (Finland)
...King Arthur stories

...La Llorona Sources, Folklore and Research
///Lawyer Stories
Lazy Men and Women Stories; including Lazy Jack Stories
...Learning English Stories
...Leprechaun Stories
...Letters (correspondence) used in stories
"Little People" Stories
...Lucky - Born Lucky
"Magic Fishbone" Story
...Magician Stories
...Manure Stories
...Mask Stories (or Transformation)
...Math and Number Stories
...Medieval Stories
...Mermaids - Stories
...Merman - Mermen Stories
...Mistletoe Stories
...Music and Folklore
Nature Girl Heroines
...Nature Stories
...Noodleheads, Numbskulls and Fools Stories
...Nursing Home Stories
...Myths, Parallel—from around the world
. .Ocean Stories (see also Water Stories, Water and Women Stories, Flood Stories)
...Ogre and Troll Stories
...Old People Stories (including "The Story of the Half Blanket")
...Old Wives' Tales (yucky things)
...Orchid Stories & Lore
...Oral Histories (collecting)
...Orphan Trains
..."Out of Step" Stories
...Panchatantra Stories

...Pajama/Hat Stories
,,,Paul Bunyan
...Paul Revere
...Pencil Stories
...Pickpocket Stories
...Pins and Needles Stories
Pirate Stories
...Plants Nature & Ecology Stories
...Poems (incl. Family Poems & Story Poems)
...Poison Ivy Stories
...Political Stories
...Popcorn Stories
Porquoi Tale (also see Category #1, Stories—5 to 8 Year Olds)
...Princes and Princesses Stories
...Princesses and Peasant Boys Stories

...Psychic Toilet Stories
...Pueblo Storytelling Dolls
...Quilting Stories (including African-American)
...Rainbow Stories
...Rainforest Stories
...Reading Programs
...Reading Stories
...Recycling Stories
Redheaded Stepchild Stories
...Renaissance Stories
...Report Card Stories (appropriate to tell at this occasion)
,,,Revere, Paul
River Stories
...St. Patrick's Day Stories, Games, Rhymes, etc.
...Sandpiper Stories
...Science Stories
...Sea Stories
...Seasonal Stories
...Selkie Stories
...September 11th Stories
..."She was only ..." Sayings
...Silversmith/Silver Stories

Simplest Stories for Student Tellers
...Sing and Dance To, Books and Stories
...Skeleton Stories (including Dancing Skeleton)
...Snow/Snowflake Stories
...Soap Stories
...Solstice Stories
...Sorcerers and Spells Stories
...Sports and Recreation Stories
...Spy Stories
...Stealing Stories
...Stones & Rocks Stories

...Strong Women Stories (also includes Wise Women)
...Sun, Moon and Stars Stories

...Surprise Endings
...Tablecloth Stories
...Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies
...Tea Stories and Poems

...Team Work Stories
...Time - Stories, Myths & Folklore
...Teeth - Tooth Stories
...Tooth Fairy Stories
...Train Stories
Travellers (aka Tinkers) Stories
...Tree Stories
...Tree of Life Stories
...Trickster Tales
...Truth Stories
...Twist in the Tale, With a
...Typhoon Stories ("Big Wind")
..."Ugly" Stories or "How to tell Ugly"
...Ulenspiegel, Till — Stories (also spelled Till Eulenspiegel and Ulenspighel)
...Umbrella Stories
...Underseas Stories
...Urban Legends
...Veterans, Stories for
...Volcanoes and Earthquakes
...Water Stories (see also Flood Stories and Ocean Stories)
...Water and Women Stories
...Weather Stories
...Wedding Quotes and Stories
...Wild, Wild West Stories
...Wise Magistrate Stories
...Witch Stories
...Wizard Stories
...Women in History
...Women of the Bible
...Women's Stories
...Wooden Sword Stories
...WPA Stories
...Zen Stories - Tiger - Strawberry


All the Andrew Lang books with full text of all the stories. Fabulous resource! - Heather Forest's site - Chris King's site (truly a useful site!) - Doug Lipman's site with great articles - Sean Buvala's site with free articles and listings for storytellers - Tim Jenning's site with folktale openings and closings and other great advice!! - Dianne de Las Casas offers a Storyteller's Library and a
Storytelling Activities section. TellingStories is for links to stories & collections.

• After our recent thread on Mr Fox, I put the phrase "Be bold be bold but not too bold" into google this morning. Some interesting versions came up, including this large website on north European folklore and folktales:
It does not seem terribly well designed (I had to shorten the address to find out exactly who had put the site together - anyone heard of the Stav Academy before?). And the folktales, which are my primary interest, are sometimes found in the "By Title" navigation page, and others are in the "Folk Tales" navigation page. Quite a lot of the image links are broken so possibly it is not actively maintained. But there is a LOT of fascinating material there, including some variants of tales.

• From Tim Sheppard: I've been working very hard on building a webpage for information on the storytelling scene around the world, at least one aspect of it, having come across a rich but obscure vein of information that I felt storytellers should have access to. Compiling this page has led me to do lots more research of my own on the web, so I've discovered lots of further resources. The result is the Traditional Storytelling page, on my site at
It was very large, but has just got 50% bigger today. This page is dedicated to documenting the various forms of traditional storytelling, past and present, in all the countries around the world. So far there are over twenty countries covered - and probably none of these are ones that you know about so far. No country's traditions are comprehensively covered yet, I've just put in what I know so far. Because the old traditions of telling are often tied up with music, especially the bardic dimension of telling, and because the sources I've been pursuing are in that area, a lot of the information so far is about this bardic and music-associated area. But I shall be adding all and any information on storytelling traditions of a less elevated nature too, as I discover it - and your help will be very welcome with this: send me any snippets of information you have. If you have been to any country outside the UK and USA, and come across any kind of storytelling, traditional or otherwise, I really want to know the details of what is going on.

• Passing these links along. I think they will be especially useful for English teachers and for those of you who do school residencies and want to find new ways to connect storytelling with curriculum.
ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan
ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan
ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan
ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan

• Here's a site I ran across while doing some research last week.
Learning Through Storytelling - Teaching With Storytelling

• Perhaps many on this listserve already know of this site, but it was a new discovery for me and I was completely charmed. These are folktales written by children and posted on the web. They're wonderful to read. I hope some of you find them as captivating as I do.

• I belong to several that some of you might be interested (other than storytell the volume isn't too heavy):
SPECIAL POPULATIONS and ALTERNATIVE SETTINGS Listserv : The initial idea of the Roundtable called by NYSCA was to bring together arts groups who work with Special Populations and in Alternative Educational Settings. So far I have found good people involved with it, those who want to move forward and accomplish. People have been more than generous with their expertise and their time. The address for the listserv is: At this point anyone can join in the conversation by subscribing to the listserv:ASSOCIATION of TEACHING ARTISTS. This is a listserv set up by the New York State Association of Teaching Artists - but may have some interest for others. Anyone can join in the conversation by subscribing to the listserv:

WORKING STORIES Listserv - explores organizational storytelling.

• This is a page of storytelling links on a site for lawyers

• Storytelling in the Classroom by Jeff Gere, Daniel Kelin II; Beth-Ann Kozlovich (2002)
This selection of classroom resources is useful for teachers seeking to develop literacy skills in elementary school students through storytelling. Information and classroom activities from three unique perspectives on speech and performance are included.
has a guided press release creator tool (first link in the text on this page) which willproduce a formatted press release. You can either print the formatted release or copyit into an email. (The formatting will be retained if you can send out formatted email.) You might also want/need to copy it into a word processing tool for final tweaks. I've found this helpful when sending out press releases this fall. Karen Wollscheid originally found this site and sent it out to the NSN Producers and Organizers Special Interest Group.

• From Armenia to Wales, Chinese New Year to Ramadan, it's all here. Great site especially to add some tidbits to your storytelling during the holidays.
Holiday Traditions

• NCES - National Center for Educational Statistics

NCES is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations. Contains listings for all (nearly) schools in your city with addresses and phone numbers, but no contact names.

• A couple of months ago Google made its new toy available:
Search through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature

So if you search on 'storytelling' for instance you'll find lots of links to scholarly articles, citations, books etc. For instance
[PDF] <>
Designing Storytelling
<>Technologies to
Encourage Collaboration Between Young Children

The great thing for researchers is that it even turns up citations to papers and books that are not online, and gives links to help find their offline home - eg. giving a library search for books.

While you're exploring you might like to look at - these labs are where google make their latest toys available before they are ready for full public roll-out. There are some great services, including personalised alerts to the latest web links on your favourite subject.

The number one place to find texts online is the Online Books page at
It doesn't archive all the texts, just provides links to where they are, and it's constantly updated with new additions. It compiles all the titles from Gutenberg and all the other archives, so it's a single point of reference. There's a new additions page for convenience, and of course a search page. There's also a foreign language page.

This is a goldmine for folktales, and there are hundreds of old out-of-copyright folklore books being added all the time. For instance just in the last two days these have appeared, amongst several others:

* Heroic Ballads of Servia,
Translated Into English Verse (Boston: Sherman, French, and Company, 1913), ed. by George Rapall Noyes and Leonard Bacon (HTML at
* <>The Key of Gold: 23 Czech Folk Tales,
Tim S.

• Here is a list of websites that allow kids to hear storytellers? (I didn't listen to this one, so check it out for appropriateness.)
Mary Lee S.

• I'm onto a really good thing here:
I've been collecting the mp3 downloads for a few weeks now, and they're great! I've been keeping this as a little secret for myself, but with the arrival of the Little People's Band in Forestland I just have to let you all in on my weekly dose of fun. Features Sonovox! Unbreakable Vinylite Plastic!
Andrew MacP.

Children's Stories and Free Resources
Free child-safe educational resources, classroom worksheets, children's games and stories, activity ideas for children, teachers and parents.

• Compiled by the librarian and students of Sunrise Mountain High School, this incredible index of Folk and Fairy Tales lists stories by country of origin, story title and book title. If you are preparing a multicultural storytelling program this is the place to start!"

• You know me, I am always on the looking for terrific new websites. Thankfully, our own Mary Hamilton asked me to take a look at this one a while ago, before it was ready to go online. May, the fantastic lady who is responsible for the new resource, asked me to review it. To say I was amazed by the wealth of information available is an understatement.

Although there is a yearly subscription fee associated with using the site, in my opinion it is well worth the price. You can also try it out for 30 days free of charge. I plan on highlighting it in the next edition of Storytelling Magazine but thought I would give everyone a heads up. (see below) Enjoy!

Tales Online ( ) is a unique searchable database of hard-to-find folktales, fairytales, myths, fables, legends and sagas from around the world. Enjoy a wealth of information, including the complete six volumes of the Stith Thompson's Motif Index, easily accessible in a user-friendly format. Each full-text tale has a summary, analysis, variant titles, and bibliographic and author or publisher notes as available.

An added feature is an "age appropriateness" rating that enables the user to screen tales for violence and adult content. Search through tales from over 60 countries, transcribed texts, and collections from Andrew Lang, George Dascent, Paul Radin and many others. Call 866-255-6252 to get a trial subscription, or visit the Tales Online website.

Introductory yearly individual subscriptions start at just $50.00 and the database is supported by administrative and technical staff under the direction of librarian May Brottman.
Karen C. 10/22/05

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