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Bura Folk Culture, Northeastern Nigeria - includes lion stories
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A Lion's Tale (Somali folktale), theatrical presentation from SteppingStone Theatre for Youth Development.
Androcles and the Lion and The Slave and the Lion from D.L. Ashliman.
Many lion stories here: South African Folk-Tales from Sacred Texts.

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1) "The Old Man and His Grandson"
And...the young boy went to his grandfather ...
He said, "Grandfather, is it true that the lion is the king of the jungle?"
The old man looked at his grandson curiously and said, "Yes, my son, this is true, but why do you ask?"
"Well, Grandfather," said the young boy, "if this is true, then why is it that in all the stories I read and all the ones I hear, man will defeat the lion? How can this be true?"
The old man looked at his grandson lovingly and said, "And, it will always be that way, my son, until the lion tells the story."
–An ancient African proverb–

2) "The Lion and the Lamb" stories:
Scroll down to
"Mourn for the dead seven days, but for a fool all his life. Ben Sira 22:12"

Jackie B.

3) I don't know if this will work but it seems to me that peace also has smaller ramifications, not just the global way many folks envision. By that I mean peace can be as simple as taking care of one person at a time. That being said, the short story, The Difference Between Heaven and Hell might fit. You can find the Japanese version in Doorways to the Soul: 52 Wisdom Tales from Around the World by Elisa Pearmain. It is very short. If you know the basic story in this version the people in hell can't quite reach the tables laden with delicious food. They hold chopsticks three feet long but can't get the chopsticks to their mouths because of their length. There is mayhem and cries of anguish fill the air.

In heaven it is the same scene but they are reaching the chopsticks across the table and feeding each other. Of course, instead of anguish, laughter fills the air. It might work for your needs. Good luck.


4) Mexican proverb: All the world smiles in the same language.
Finnish proverb: Joy is the daughter of peace.

I'm always taken by the "you'll get what you expect" type of story: the person on the road on the way into town asking a passerby what kind of people he/she'll find in town. Person asks 'what kind of people did you find in the town you just left?' 1st person replies 'such a complaining lot of people, which is why I left.' Passerby answers, 'that's just what you'll find here.' Passerby comes upon another person going into town, person asks same question. Passerby asks 'what kind of people did you find in the town you just left?' 2nd person replies,"the kindest people you'll ever want to meet - I'm sorry I had to leave.' Passerby again answers 'that's just what you'll find here."

Peace Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald is a wonderful resource.


5) "The Woodcutter and the Lion"
On the way out to chop wood in the morning, two woodcutters noticed lion spoor in the road. At the end of the day, one woodcutter took another way home out of fear, but the second took the same road, which was shorter. On the way, he met the lion, who threatened to eat him, for he needed the brains of a son of Adam to cure him of an illness. The woodcutter said that he did not have any brains, else he would not have taken this path; the one with the brains is on the other road, he added, and the lion left to go attack the other woodcutter.

Mary Grace K. 4/6/09

6) The Red Lion: A tale of ancient Persia as retold by Diane Wolkstein. 1977.
Before he can be crowned King of Persia, Azgid must prove his courage by fighting the Red Lion.

Years ago, when I needed something to give me a bit of courage, Diane Wolkstein's story of The Red Lion gave me a boost. I still tell myself the story whenever I forget that most fears are tame once I face them.

Cathryn W. 2/26/10

Created 2004; last update 8/29/12.

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