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INSECTS STORIES - MISCELLANEOUS (bees, hornets, mosquitoes, etc.)
(see also
(excerpts from posts)
(If you want to retell any of the stories listed below, be sure to obtain permission from the copyright holder if the material is not in the public domain)

1) The Mosquito - a string story. I think it is in one of Anne Pellowski's books.

2) The Dog and the Bumblebee - I use puppets with this story.
A little puppy is curious. He rambles through the garden. He looks at ants and grasshoppers and crickets and butterflies. He sees a flower with a little black and gold something buzzing around it. He goes over to look. The bee says, "Buzzzz. . . buzzz. . . . I'm warning you. Stay away from me." He comes closer. Bee warns him again. He comes closer and what do you suppose? The bee stings him right upon his nose. Now he listens and pays attention when bee warns him. After this story we talk about bees and how they will usually leave you alone if you leave them alone.

3. There is a story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. She tests his wisdom in several ways. The final test is for him to tell the difference between a real flower and a fake flower. He opens the window and lets a bee in and the bee goes to the real flower.

4. There is a story about a drop of honey. Something about everyone thinking that it isn't their problem. . . It has been quoted here on Storytell. Surely someone will remember.

5. Bee - attitudes. You can find some that work for your program:
Bee yourself. Bee kind. Bee Grateful. Bee courteous. Bee Prompt. Bee Resourceful, etc.

6. Little Rooster and the Turkish Sultan (Twenty Tellable Tales, Margaret Read MacDonald). The bees have a very pertinent part in the end of the story!

7. The Talking Eggs - bees come out of the eggs the "bad" sister throws over her shoulders.

8. There is a story about 2 sisters. One is kind and good and is rewarded by flowers and jewels falling from her mouth with every word she speaks. The other is thoughtless and rude and she gets toads and snakes and other awful things that fall from her mouth when she speaks. I don't see why mosquitoes and hornets and bees couldn't be part of those bad things.
Rose the story lady 10/18/05

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