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In performance, always credit your sources.
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Alphabetized with short descriptions for your convenience and to save you research time.


We're Sailing Down the Nile
by Laurie Krebs with Anne Wilson (illus.) Publisher: Barefoot Books (2008)
There is so much in store on this incredible journey: enormous statues and temples, the legendary Sphinx, tombs and mummies, and, of course, the Great Pyramids. With seven exciting destinations, a god or goddess on each page, and informative notes at the end, you will be an Egypt expert in no time

Ancient African Civilizations: Kush and Axum by Stanley Mayer Burstein (ed.). (1998)
Annotated translations of twenty-seven texts concerned with the geography, ethnography, and history of the ancient equivalents of the modern nation-states of Sudan and Ethiopia. This fascinating collection of Egyptian stories spans 4000 years.

Ancient Egypt (History As Evidence) by Antony E. David, Rosalie David with David Salariva (illus) and Shirley Willis (illus). (1984 - Baby-Preschool)

Ancient Egypt (Indiana Jones Explores) by John Malam. (1996)
Intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones serves as a tour guide for an odyssey through ancient Egypt, discussing Egyptian culture, history, geography, dynasties and pharoahs, religion, daily life, art, influence, and Egyptology.

Ancient Egypt (Make it Work! History) by Andrew Haslam and Alexandra Parsons. (1997 - Ages 4-8)
A practical approach to the earth sciences, Ancient Egypt helps kids reach a deeper understanding of historical peoples by participating in the activities that shaped their lives. Discover the past by hands-on projects, facts, photographs, costumes, and maps. A comprehensive look at this topic.


Arabs in History (The) by Bernard Lewis. (2002)
This classic study considers the achievement of the Arab peoples and their place in world history, from pre-Islamic times to the present-day. In a concise and readable account, Lewis examines the awakening that accompanied the advent of Islam and the political, religious, and social developments that transformed the Arab kingdom into an Islamic empire. Up-to-date information included.

Art of Egypt Under the Pharaohs, The by Shirley Glubok. (1980)
Surveys Egyptian art from Dynasty 1 through the Ptolemaic Period, approximately 3200 through 30 B.C., discussing it in terms of the history and culture of the period.

Baboons Waited on Tables in Ancient Egypt!: Weird Facts About Ancient Civilizations : A Weird-But-True Book (Strange World) by Melvin Berger and Gilda Berger. (1997 - Ages 4-8)
Interesting facts about ancient cultures.

Black Prince and Other Egyptian folk tales (The) (includes "The Warrior in Black") by Ahmed & Jane Zaloul. (1971)
TOC: Ali Sundos.--What will people say.--The copper soup-bowl.--The three brothers.--Goha the wise.--The faithful friend.--There's always a means.--The vain ox.--To pay through the nose.--Abdune and the friendly snake.--A mother's advice.--The Black Prince.--Forty days hath Ramadan.--The gold falcon.--Khalid and Aantar.--The endless story.

Blue Faience Hippopotamus (The) by Joan Grant. (1991)
An Egyptian princess lives on an island to escape her family, but she's lonely. While she is swimming, a hippotamus sees her and falls in love. He goes to see a magician who tells the hippo that he can't change animals into humans or vice versa, but can change him into something she will love - the blue faience hippo, a toy. She loves the little toy, but soon tires of it. Hippo then takes loving action.

Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt (The) by Richard H. Wilkinson. (2003)
Ancient Egypt's gods and goddesses are among the most fascinating in human civilization. The lives of pharaohs and commoners alike were dominated by the need to honor, worship, and pacify the huge pantheon of deities. From lavish tomb paintings and imposing temple reliefs to humble household shrines, countless tributes throughout Egypt reflect the richness and complexity of their mythology.

Day of Ahmed's Secret by Florence H. Parry with Ted Lewin (illus). (1995 - Ages 4-8)
Ahmed has monumental news to share with his family, but first he must complete the age-old duties of a butagaz boy, delivering cooking gas to customers all over Cairo. The juxtaposition of old and new is a repeated theme in this thoughtful story of a young boy living in the bustling metropolis surrounded by thousand-year-old walls and buildings. Ahmed's story is a joyful celebration of that spirit.

Egyptian Cinderella (The) by Shirley Climo with Ruth Heller (illus). (1992 - Ages 4-8)
The story of Rhodopis, a Greek slave girl in ancient Egypt, is an interesting variant of the traditional Cinderella legend. Because of her rosy complexion and fair hair, Rhodopis is scorned and teased by the Egyptian servant girls who work for her kind but disinterested master. Rhodopis' happy fate, becoming the wife of Pharaoh Amasis (570-526 ..), is accomplished through the intercession of the great falcon, symbol of the god Horus.

Egyptian Pyramid (An) by Mark Bergin, John James and jacqueline Morley. (2001 - Ages 9-12)
Step back in time to the land of the Ancient Egyptians to discover how and why pyramids were built, what life was like for the workers, how the Pharaohs lived, what pyramids were used for, and more.

Folktales of Egypt (Folktales of the World) by Hasan M. El-Shamy
The first authentic new collection of modern Egyptian folk narratives to appear in nearly a century. El-Shamy's English translations of these orally-presented stories not only preserve their spirit, but give Middle Eastern lore the scholarly attention it has long deserved.

Gift Of The Nile - Pbk by Jan M. Mike and Charles Reasoner. (1996 - Ages 9-12)
In ancient Egypt, Mutemwia the slave girl befriends Pharaoh and becomes his trusted counsel. But she is unhappy because she is not free. Will Pharaoh grant this gift to his friend?

The Great Pyramid: The story of the farmers, the god-king and the most astonding structure ever built (Wonders of the World Book) by Elizabeth Mann with Laura Lo Turco (illus). (2006 - Ages 9-12)
The story of the Great Pyramid and the people who built it. The Old Kingdom comes alive: a nation of farmers living on the green edge of a harsh desert with a king who was a god in life and in death.

Growing Up In Ancient Egypt by Rosalie David. (1997 - Ages 9-12)
Describes daily life in ancient Egypt, discussing life in the city, life in the country, pets and toys, meals, and other aspects

Hieroglyphs From A To Z by Peter Der Manuelian. (1991)
An ABC book showing the relationships between the English alphabet and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Includes a stencil for creating words and sentences in hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphs for Fun; Your Own Secret Code Language, by Joseph and Lenore Scott. (1974 - Baby-Preschool)
Presents the basic "alphabet" of twenty-four hieroglyphic letters with the approximate English sound they represent and briefly discusses various other aspects of Egyptian culture.

Kids Can Draw Ancient Egypt (Kids Can Draw series #16) by Philippe Legendre
A Child’s First Drawing Book
This simple teaching method will help any child learn the basics of drawing. It’s as easy as drawing a triangle, circle, or square. By starting with these basic shapes, your child can create a pyramid, pharoah, Egyptian god, or anything from ancient Egypt.

Kids Discover Pyramids: Learn About Mummies & Tut's Gold Stuff (Pyramids 1993 Printing) by Stella Sands, Janet C. Rotter, Steve Goodman, Jane Goodman with Lois Markham, Alice Sherman, Jane McFadden, Leslie Wolff, Mark Levine, Robert Elder, Teddy Levine, Max Levine and Jessica Soffer (editors). (1993)

Kids in Ancient Egypt (Wroble, Lisa a. Kids Throughout History,) by Lisa A. Wroble
Describes the daily life of children in ancient Egypt, including housing, clothes, food, and religion.

Land of Enchanters: Egyptian Short Stories from the Earliest Times to the Present Day by Bernard Lewis (Editor), Stanley Mayer Burstein (Editor)
This revised edition describes the travails and triumphs of royals, heroes, spirits and monsters. Typical are The Story of Dalal, in which a princess wedded to an ogre plans an escape, and The Island of the Serpent, wherein a shipwrecked sailor is aided by a giant serpent "plated with gold."

Monster That Grew Small (The) by Joan Marshall Grant
Miobi is known as the Frightened One within his village. He is ridiculed for his fear of snakes, crocodiles and spiders, and for his dread of the dark forest. One day he encounters a hare trapped in a thicket and, overcoming his urge to flee, rescues the helpless animal and is given one wish in return.

Mummies Made in Egypt (Reading Rainbow Book) by Aliki (illus). (1985 - Ages 4-8)
Aliki describes and illustrates the techniques and the reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt.

Mummy: Unwrap Ancient Secret by Joyce Tyldesley. (2002)
The author shows how research into ancient history yields facts about even the most aged mummies. The author looks at the most ancient dried bodies buried in the arid environment of Egypt and then provides a general overview of the customs and techniques of mummification through the ages.

My Best Book of Mummies by Philip Steele, Camilla Hallinan (ed.) with Vanessa Card, Angus McBride, Nicki Palin and Mark Peppe (illustrators). (1999 - Ages 4-8)
This is another great mummy book. Kids in the elementary grades will love it and it is a good resource for any classroom.

Pharaohs and Pyramids (Miscellaneous) by George Hart with Barry Cuncliffe (Foreword). (1991)
The Egyptian pyramids were considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and today, some 4500 years later, they still inspire awe and admiration. But the first time visitor to Egypt may be surprised at the number of pyramids at Meidum, Dahsur, Saggara, Abusir and Giza, which have earned the Old Kingdom the epithet, "The Pyramid Age".

Pyramid by David Macaulay. (1982)
Macaulay's exquisitely crosshatched pen-and-ink illustrations frame the engaging fictional story of an ancient pharaoh who commissions a pyramid to be built for him. He also explains the sometimes backbreaking tasks of planning, hauling, chiseling, digging, and hoisting that went into the construction of this awe-inspiring monument.

Pyramids: 50 Hands-On Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt (Kaleidoscope Kids) by Avery Hart and Paul Mantell. (1997 - Ages 9-12)
Children will become part of ancient Egypt, playing Senat (a game like draughts), dressing in a nemes (head-dress) and male kilt, eating Egyptian honey-barley flatbread, writing in hieroglyphics, dancing like an Egyptian, building a living model of the Nile valley. Discover Pyramid Power!

Ready-To-Tell Tales (American Storytelling) (includes The Black Prince by Laura Simms), edited by Holt & Mooney. (1994 - August House)
Anyone who has watched a master storyteller mesmerize an audience without benefit of set, props, or musical score, has wondered: How do they do that? The trick, this anthology tells us, is in the material. And the 40 contributors should know. They are some of America's most popular storytellers, each of them sharing a story guaranteed to work in front of the most demanding audience.

Tales of Ancient Egypt (Puffin Classics) by Roger Lancelyn Green (ed.). (1996 - Young Adult)
A collection of the myths, the folk tales, and the legends of ancient Egypt.

Tales of Temples and Tombs (Collection) (a Kid's-Eye View of Ancient Egypt) by Lori Weidemann
Explore all the mystery and magic of the land of the Pharaohs - ancient Egypt and its civilization, customs, and treasures with this innovative song collection. This whole language collection lets you use music across the curriculum to enhance learning and open the door to discovery.

Temple Cat by Andrew Clements with Kate Kiesler (illus). (2001 - Ages 4-8)
Worshipped as a god with servants to coddle him, a temple cat in ancient Egypt yearns for the freedom to live as a normal feline. So he slips away and travels until he reaches a fisherman's hut by the sea, where he discovers the humble pleasures of a "real" supper, a scratch behind the ears, and the joy of playing with children and being loved by them.

Ten Plagues of Egypt, The by Shoshana Lepon with Aaron Friedman (illus). (1988 - Ages 4-8)
A fabulous book to give to children before Pesach, it retells the biblical account of the ten plagues in lively rhyming verse, enhanced by brilliantly colored illustrations.

We're Sailing Down the Nile by Laurie Krebs with Anne Wilson (illus). (2008 - Ages 4-8 - Barefoot Books)
There is so much in store on this incredible journey enormous statues and temples, the legendary Sphinx, tombs and mummies, and of course the Great Pyramids. With seven exciting destinations, a god or goddess on each page, and informative notes at the end, you will be an Egypt expert in no time! The wonders of Egypt surround you on this river-bound adventure that will take you from the temple of Abu Sinel all the way to the city of Cairo.

Winged Cat, The: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by Deborah Hourse Lattimore. (1992 - Ages 4-8)
In ancient Egypt, a young servant girl and a High Priest must each find the correct magic spells from the Book of the Dead that open the twelve gates of the Netherworld to determine who is telling the truth about the death of the girl's sacred cat.

World Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture, Vol. 1 (World Civilizations) by Robert E. Lerner, Standish Meacham, Alan T. Wood, Richard W. Hull, Edward McNall Burns with Philip Lee Ralph (ed.). (1977)

Zekmet, the Stone Carver: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by Mary Stolz with Deborah Hourse Lattimore (illus). (1988 - Ages 9-12)
The author imagines how, thousands of years ago, a serenely arrogant Egyptian King Khafre might have ordered his groveling, grumbling vizier, Ho-tep, to plan yet another monument to his lasting glory. In the workmen's quarters, Ho-tep meets Zekmet, a skilled stone-carver whose desert-inspired vision producesafter some shrewd negotiating with the vizierthe monument known now as the Great Sphinx. An imaginative and satisfying time-trip.

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For a complete, searchable list of books about Egypt and Egyptians
for ages 4-8 and 9-12
(over 500 choices)
Children's Books and Stories About Egypt and Egyptians


Artwork titles are in blue and underlined. Click on them to learn more about the books and how to buy them.
Alphabetized with short descriptions for your convenience and to save you research time.

British Egypt Arab Children Sport Ghizeh Print 1898 - old print
This print is over 100 years old. And is not a modern copy. Size of Image is PROPORTIONATE to the contrasting background page. . The size of this coloured background page is approximately 10.5" high x 15.5" wide. . See image scan.. Ready to matt and frame. . These old Prints really look great with Matt and Framed. . Scanned at a low resolution for quick uploading so the actual picture is better than the scanned image.

Carpet Market Cairo Egypt Children Water Boat Old 1888 - old print
One page from the Illustrated London News, c1850-1899.

Virgin and Child in Egypt (The), 1810 Framed Art Poster Print by William Blake, 25x29 (from

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Product titles are in blue and underlined. Click on them to learn more about the products and how to buy them.
Alphabetized with short descriptions for your convenience and to save you research time.

Benjamin in Egypt by Arna Bontemps (1955 - MP3 download - Folkways Records)

Egyptian Treasures by various artists. (CD)
Classical music inspired by ancient Egypt. The classical music companion to Tutankhamun and the golden age of the Pharaohs. 12 tracks.

Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths (Galileo and the Stargazers), CD by Jim Weiss. (2000)
Egyptian Treasures mixes history and fiction as he introduces the world's first great civilization, its heroes and its gods. Weiss also spins the marvelous true tale of the discovery of the mummy of Ramses II in the nineteenth century. Weiss uses clear language without dumbing down the grand ideas.

Israel In Egypt - Moses And The Children Of Israel (2002 - by The Sixteen/ Harry Christophers from the album Israel in Egypt (George Frederic Handel) - MP3 download)

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1992 Canadian Cast) by Andrew Lloyd Webber. (1994 - CD - Canada)
"Joseph," with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice, is a consistently entertaining CD. The lyrics re-tell the story of the biblical patriarch Joseph (found in Genesis 37-45), and Rice sticks remarkably close to the source material. "Joseph" has many inventive and humorous touches (such as making the Pharaoh sing his part a la Elvis Presley, or having Joseph's brothers break out into a calypso song).

We Were Bound in Egypt by Bible Storysongs (2005 - from the album Moses Volume 2 - the last 40 years, Fed and Led Through the Winderness - MP3 download)

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Product titles are in blue and underlined. Click on them to learn more about the products and how to buy them.
Alphabetized with short descriptions for your convenience and to save you research time.

Amazing Pyramids Art & History Kit
Re-create the wonders of ancient Egypt! For ages 10 and up.

Ancient Egypt
Travel back in time, to an era of pharaohs and mummies, with our Ancient Egypt set. Replica set includes Anubis, Thoth, Bastet, Ma'at, Osiris and Amun. Discover the mysteries of Egypt.

Ancient Egypt - Mummy in Sarcophagus
Featured is an authentic mummy in its own colorful sarcophagus. The higher the stature a person was the more elaborate was the sarcophagus. Kings often were ordained with gold like the famous King Tut. Size is 4 " high. Comes in attractive window box.

Childrens Costume Little Girls Eqyptian Cleopatra White Dress Kids Egypt Party Outfit
Cleopatra. This Item Includes Robe with Attached Collar, Belt, Headband.

Cleopatra Armband
Every Egyptian Princess should be accessorized by a gold snake wrapped around their arm. The Cleopatra Armband is a soft gold coil snake that easily slips on.

Cleopatra Costume Girl - Child Small
Reign supreme as the Queen of the Nile. Become Cleopatra, the beautiful and last Egyptian Pharaoh. Costume includes dress w/attached belt, neckpiece, headpiece & cape w/attached armband & cuffs.

Cleopatra Head Piece
This headpiece goes over your own hair, or over a black wig. Made of wovenn gold strands with small black beads in the style of Cleopatra. The beads form small bead-stars on the crown of the headpiece. (Wigs are not returnable; final sale only.)

Cleopatra Queen Costume Girl - Child (8-10)
She's the Queen of the Nile. Cleopatra costume includes long white dress, gold collar with sequin trim, matching belt and headpiece. Other accessories available separately. Egyptian costume for girls is available in Child Size Small 4-6, Medium 8-10 and Large 12-14.

Cleopatra Society of Architectss
A three-dimensional palace that you race to build against your fellow players. Corrupt officials and building materials of dubious origin may help you stay ahead, but beware—the price of corruption is sure to be high. 3 to 5 players, 10 and up.

Creativity for Kids Ancient Egypt Mummies and More
Discover the secrets of ancient Egypt. Wrap a mummy, paint a sarcophagus and construct a pyramid bank. Paint and decorate your artifacts with water-activated plaster gauze, hieroglyphic stickers and special metallic and sand paint.

Egyptian Pharoah Black & Gold Headpiece Costume HAT
Rule the Nile in this magnificent Egyptian headpiece. Complete with fake jewel. Don't leave home without it. One size.

Egyptian Pharoah Royalty KING TUT Headpiece & Neckpiece
Ruler of the Egyptians, this King was wealthy beyond comprehension. 2-piece plastic headpiece & neckpiece. Perfect for your next egyptian gala.

Egyptian Princess Wig Adult
Egyptian queen or roman goddess, add character to your costume with this fun Egyptian wig on Halloween.

Egyptian Punch-Out Masks by A.G. Smith and Josie Hazen. (1994 - Ages 4-8)
Subjects include King Tutankhamen, Queen Nefertiti, each in ceremonial headdresses, and four gods in animal form. Introduction.

Egyptian Woman
Playmobil Special Egyptian Women # 4651 New in Box.

Giant Magic Ancient Egypt Puzzle
Exciting 80 piece puzzle with 20 magic patches. Children will enjoy making these scenes and rubbing the heat sensitive patches to discover the fascinating world and the bustling life around the River Nile in Ancient Egypt.

Little Einstein Egypt Mission
Take Pat Pat Rocket and the Little Einsteins on a mission to Egypt
Set comes with a character, an animal, a creative activity and a gadget that connects to Pat Pat Rocket and unleashes content relating to the mission.

King Tut Bridge Tally
Tally sheets for bridge players.

King Tut Cards Single Deck
Cards Single Deck King Tut.

King Tut Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc
King Tut Jigsaw puzzle: 1000 pieces: Finished size 24 X 30: Item #303: Artist Andrew Farley

King Tut - 1000pc Metallic Jigsaw Puzzle by Piatnik
You can almost see your own reflection in King Tut's brilliant gold mummy mask. With all that green and gold it will take some serious concentration to finish this Egyptian puzzle! Piatnik has been making high-quality games since 1824. All their jigsaw puzzles are made with sturdy long-lasting materials designed to last for many years.

King Tut Shiny Hat
Adult sized hat - will fit most adult head sizes.

Kookys King Tut Krew Klicker Pen Sarcoff, The
The Kookys King Tut Krew Klicker Pen Sarcoff.

Kookys King Tut Krew Klicker Pen Peace, The
The Kookys King Tut Krew Klicker Pen Peace.

Magnamorph Deities
Magna Morphs building system promotes extremly creative play. You can mix and match pieces to build your own creatures. Winner of 6 toy awards. Billons of Combinations.

Metallic Pharaoh Egyptian King Tut Costume Headdress
Walk like an egyptian in this metallic pharoah headdress with snake.

Mighty World Search For The Lost Mummy Medium Theme Set
Join Megan, Ken and Neil on their next Mighty Adventure as they explore the world and discover ancient treasures. This set features Megan the Ranger, Tom the Adventurer and Ken the Tracker figures. The ATV has a working suspension, removable seat and interchangeable tires. The set also contains over 30 accessories including: crypt, mummy, crates, tools and more. The figures have moving arms and legs.

MindWare Egyptians
Egyptians Your goal is to become Supreme Pharaoh by defeating your rivals along the way. To become Pharaoh, you must collect and entomb everything you need as you answer questions about this glorious period of history. Explore the ancient customs, beliefs, architecture and hieroglyphics of Egypt. Featuring more than 200 questions with different levels of difficulty, Egyptians is the perfect history game for the entire family. 2 to 4 players.

Mummy Child Costume
This is the Mummy Child Costume by Rubie's Costumes. This costume includes an off white hood, shirt, pants, and mummy wrap ties. This costume is officially licensed by Universal Studios.

Mummy Teen Halloween, Alluring (Teen (12-16))
The Alluring Mummy costume includes: tattered headpiece, top with draping fabric, and ruffled, tattered skirt.

Mystic Egyptian Tomb Dig & Play Excavation Archaeological Set, Discover Ancient Egypt and it's treasures including Pharoh, Hieroglyph, Cat, etc. *Great Gift Idea for Birthday, Children, Boys, Girls, Holidays, etc *
Dig and find out the treasures buried in the mysterious Egyptian tomb. Play a Pyramid Adventure game afterwards with your friends and family. Contains plaster block with mummy case, treasures, game checkers and dice, specially designed digging tool, large game sheet; detailed digging instructions and game rules

Pharoah Child Costume
Includes: Robe, headpiece, cuffs, belt, and neckpiece.

Pharoah Costume (Large 42-44)
Includes black tunic with gold belt & cuffs, and black and gold headpiece. (Necklace and sandals are not included.) (Polyester, exclusive of trim.)

Pharaoh Gold (Includes Cleopatra Expansion)
This package contains Pharaoh + its Official Expansion pack Cleopatra - Queen of the Nile. 3000 Years of Egypt rolled into one classic package. Stunning strategic city-building game set in the mysterious and beautiful land of the Nile. Grow thriving cities in the desert and see the economy and inhabitants come to life. Interact with your citizens; observe their culture, their habits and learn from them. Raise their hopes or raze their homes. Manage your city and watch it burn.

Pyramid Set
Recreate one of the famous pyramids of Egypt - complete with meandering passageways and mysterious chambers. Award-winning architectural blocks. Blocks are made of genuine untreated beech wood. 49 wooden blocks in 20 shapes. Includes sphinx and palm tree pieces. Helps teach creative expression, fine motor skills, and independent play. Learn the mysterious construction techniques of the Egyptians as you build your own Ancient Wonder.

Ra is an auction game with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Each turn players are able to purchase three lots of tiles with their bidding tiles. Once a player has purchased his three lots for the round, the other players continue until they do likewise, which may set up a situation with a single uncontested player bidding on tiles before the end of the round occurs. Tension builds because the round may end before all players have had a chance to win their three lots for the epoch.

Sababa / Front Porch Bookshelf Valley of the Pharaohs
Players become archaeologists, searching for hidden scarab tiles, in an effort to unearth the sacred "Staff of Ahmen-Ra." Find safety in an oasis or risk peril by spinning the dreaded Wheel of Fate. But beware the Mummy, who has come to life wandering the board, falling in and out of your control, always dangerous.

Sandstone Pharaoh Dig Kit
Instructions guide the young excavator in the fun activity of digging out the mummy buried within the sarcophagus shape. The sarcophagus is chipped away with brush, wooden hammer, and chisel to reveal parts of a mummy to snap together and mount on a black display stand. Ages 8-up.

3D Sculpture Puzzle King Tut

Tutankhamun's Tomb
In 1922, the English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered a royal Egyptian tomb which had remained untouched for more than three millennia. In a 300 pound coffin of pure gold lay the mummy of Tutankhamun who had become pharaoh at age nine and died only 10 years later, in about 1325 B.C. Carefully dig into a soft clay-like sediment, and just like on a real archaeological expedition you will unearth numerous pieces of pottery.

Wild Republic 50 Piece Egyptian
50 piece floor puzzle with an Egyptian theme.

Wild Republic Magnamorph Set Egyptian Pharaohs
Magna Morphs building system promotes extremly creative play. You can mix and match pieces to build your own creatures. Winner of 6 toy awards. Billons of Combinations

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For a complete, searchable list of Egyptian Toys and Games for
children ages 4-8 and 9-12, click on:
Egyptian Toys and Games for Children
(150 choices)

For a complete, searchable list of Egyptian costumes for children
ages 4-8 and 9-12, click on
Egyptian Costumes for Children
(over 130 choices)


Online links are in blue and underlined. Click on them to get more stories/info about Egypt/Egyptians.
Story titles are in quotation marks.
Short descriptions included for your convenience and to save you research time.
Ancient Egyptian Resource List. Excerpt: We’ve collected a list of the best ancient Egypt resources here. These highly reputable sites will clear up any questions, and many of them come right from experts—the only better sources would be ancient Egyptians themselves!...
Ancient Egypt
from The British Museum
Egyptian Life, Geography, Gods and Goddesses, Mummification, Pharoah, Pyramids, Temples, Time, Trades, Writing

Color Me Egypt - Just For Kids! Fabulous site for Egyptian stories for kids, including animal stories.
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt for kids
Egypt - scroll down to Egypt.
"The Sesame Seed and the Date Palm Tree" from Erica Helm Meade.
"Isis, Osiris and the Tamarisk Tree" (Egypt)
Encyclopedia Mythica - Egypt
Recounts the story of creation with Osiris, Set, Nephthys, Isis and Horus.
Fresno County Public Library for Egyptian web pages
Moses and Aaron went to the Pharaoh of Egypt and asked him to free the people of Israel from their slavery...
Mythology, Legend, Folklore, & Ghosts - Egyptian Mythology

Puppets - This site has the text of two picture books that might work for puppet shows.
Regional Folklore and Mythology - Egyptian

Resources - Stories and Picture Books
Stories to Read and Tell - Egypt
Tour Egypt Monthly - Kids Corner by Margo Wayman. Includes full-text stories and Egyptian recipes.

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(excerpts from Storytell posts plus original research)

Book titles and online links are in blue and underlined. Click on them to get more stories / information.
Story titles are in quotation marks.
To retell any stories, get permission from the copyright holder if the material is not in the public domain.
Attributions/entry dates not included prior to 2003. Posts are added chronologically as they are received by Story Lovers World.

Excerpt: Ancient Egyptian literature was written in the Egyptian language from Ancient Egypt's pharaonic period until the end of Roman domination. It represents the oldest corpus of Egyptian literature. Along with Sumerian literature, it is considered the world's earliest literature.[1]. Includes hieroglyphs, hieratic, and Demotic; writing implements and materials; preservation of written material; Classical, Middle, Late and Demotic Egyptian language; Literary functions; Dating, setting, and authorship; Literary genres and subjects; Legacy, translation and interpretation; Notes, References and External links.

Excerpt: Ancient Egyptian literature is characterized by a wide diversity of types and subject matter; it dates from the Old Kingdom (c. 2755-2255 BC) into the Greco-Roman period (after 332 BC). Such literary devices as simile, metaphor, alliteration, and punning are found. Includes Range of Literary Forms; Old Kingdom; First Intermediate Period; Middle Kingdom; New Kingdom; Late Period and Links

"The Turquoise Amulet" - Full text story. Excerpt: This Egyptian story that gave Snefru the title of The Good Pharaoh, this literature work shows his good nature and his willingness to please others. Snefru is father of the Ancient Pharaoh Khufu who built the Great Pyramid of Giza, he reigned long over a peaceful country with no foreign wars.

One day he wandered through his palace at Memphis, seeking for pleasures and finding none that would lighten his heart. Then he bethought him of his Chief Magician, Zazamankh, and he said, 'If any man is able to entertain me and show me new marvels, surely it is the wise Scribe of the rolls. Bring Zazamankh before me.'...

"The Story of Re"

"Isis and Osiris"
"The Seven Year Famine"
"The Princess of Bekhten"
"The Prince and the Sphinx"
"The Doomed Prince"
"The Peasant and the Workman"
"The Golden Lotus"
"The Girlwith the Rose-Red Slippers"
"The Greek Princess"
"The Shipwrecked Sailor"
"The Book of Thoth"
"The Great Queen Hatshepsut"
"Isis and the Seven Scorpions"
"Se-Osiris and the Sealed Letter"
"The Land of the Dead"
"The Adventures of Sinuhe"
"The Treasure Thief"
"Bulfinch's Mythology: Egyptian Deities"

"The Peasant Goes to Egypt"

A Play by Ms. Rose's Class, based on an Egyptian Folktale
This play was written by a Third-Grade class, and the stage directions converted into narration as described in "Group Playwriting Project."  A special feature of this play is the long speeches attributed to "Voice of Sekhti."  Since Sekhti has such long speeches, the students decided that the actor would "lip sync" his speeches, while the words were spoken by several other students in rotation--a sentence or so at a time.  This play was performed at an all-school assembly and was very successful.  By the way--despite appearances to the contrary, none of the phrasing of the dialogue here comes from the source material--Third-Graders really came up with the language from scratch!

Student Reference Books from Highland Heritage Home School

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(Egyptian profile sketch lesson)

"The Salt Trader's Justice" - Ancient Egypt, retold and illustrated by Timothy Bush.
People in power...nothing but trouble! Give a man an office or title and watch him make a misery of people's lives! That's the way it's always been, ever since the sun first rose! But sometimes that misery comes home to roost, even if it takes a while. Listen to the story of the humble sekhti, a peasant who lived by trading salt. He didn't go out looking for trouble, but just like the rest of us, he found it anyway. The sekhti was a kind, good-natured man who worked as hard as anyone ever did. He lived in a country where salt was found, and every morning he would load up his donkey with baskets of salt on either side. He would drive the donkey over many roads to a place where the salt could be traded. The trading wasn't rich, but by working long, hard day, the sekhti was able to provide for his family. His daily route brought him along a narrow path, which ran between a canal and wheatfield at the edge of a great estate. The estate was run for its owner by a servant named Tehuti-nekht. Although he was only the overseer of the land, Tehuti-nekht puffed himself up, and had such a self-important attitude that anyone who didn't know any better would have thought him the master of the whole Nile valley. He saw the sekhti driving his donkey, and greedy Tehuti-nekht said to himself: "Every day he comes along here, and I haven't gotten a thing from him yet!" Even though the sekhti had almost nothing in the world,Tehuti-nekht decided to take what he could get. He threw his cloak down completely across the path: one end lay in the water of the canal, the other end lay in the wheatfield.Along came the sekhti, and what could he do? He started to drive his donkey over the cloak. "Just hold on, there!" cried Tehuti-nekht. "You're not going to walk that beast over my cloak, are you?" The sekhti could see that the man was someone of importance, so he answered, "I'll try to go around." But as he turned the donkey toward the field, Tehuti-nekht cried again:
"What, you'll trample the wheat instead?"... (The rest of the story is at the above link.)

"The Story of Hor"
Hor, gatherer of oils, priest of Montu, opener of the gates of heaven in Luxor, son of Ankhori and son of Karem; Hor, at one with Horus and Thoth, enshrined with Atum and carried to the cemetery with the Apis Bull; Hor stood silent in the dark corner....
The rest of the story is at the above link.

"Ma'ruf the Shoemaker" - Palestine
A poor shoemaker is angry and abandons his wife after she mistreats his generosity. He ends up in Egypt where he carelessly gives away money given him by a friend, weaving a web of lies to protect himself. The story follows him on his adventures.

"Message to the Planet! Two of our people have disappeared! Deep in the tombs of Egypt!" - animated story for kids. "The Pharoah won't let us shout. We've been singing loudly, hoping they'll hear us. It's getting dark and we're running out of verses! WE NEED HELP!"

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