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More Best-Loved Stories Told at the National Storytelling Festival. Selected by the National Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling. that National Storytelling Press: Jonesborough, Tennessee, 1992.
ISBN 1-879991-08-X

$50,000 Racehorse by Hannah McConnell Gillenwater
Barney McCabe by Guy Carawan
Bell of Dojoji by Brenda Wong Aoki
Boy with a Keg by Carol L. Birch
Brave Little Parrot by Rafe Martin
Br'er Rabbit Builds a Home by Jackie Torrence
Calico Coffin by Lee Pennington
Chester Behnke Goes Hunting by John Basinger
Clever Wife of Vietnam by Doug Lipman
Coon-Huntin' Story by Jerry Clower
Daughter of the Sun by Gayle Ross
Day It Snowed Tortillas by Joe Hayes
Debate in Sign Language by Syd Lieberman
Fiddler of Rattlesnake Ridge by David Holt
Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle by Joseph Bruchac
Goodbye to Eden by Gwenda LedBetter
Granny Gifts by Anndrena Belcher
Haydn's Sonata by Mara Capy
Herring Shed by Jay O. Callahan
Huntin' Werewolf for Papa Keel by Bob Jenkins
Jack and the Magic Boat by Ed Stivender
Jack and the Three Steers by Ray Hicks
Knock, Knock, Who's There? by J. J. Reneaux
Legend of Obi Gui Gui by Luisah Teish
Lion and the Elephant by Alice McGill
Lionmakers by Nancy Schimmel
Mary and the Seal by Duncan Williamson
Medusa by Barbara McBride-Smith
Not Alone by Steve Sanfield
Old Man With Big Ears by Ephat Mujuru
Rainy Weather by Donald Davis
Red Lion by Diane Wolkstein
Red Thread by Martha Holloway
Selma Tourists by Kathryn Windham
Tale of Dame Ragnel by Heather Forest
Three Brothers by Peninnah Schram
Uncle Bouqui and Godfather Malice by Augusta Baker
Whole Land by Waddie Mitchell
Work is Work by Lynn Rubright

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